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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

15 month check-up

Yesterday, we took Anna Riley back to see Dr. Kurdirka for another look at her eye and bloct tear duct.  We have not had anymore problems with the tear duct as far as the outside is concerned, so I was hoping we were able to bypass the little surgery.  Luckily, he agreed that everything still looked great so no surgery would be needed!  He suggested that we bring her back in a year so he could just check everything and make sure she didn't have a lazy eye or any other problems. 

Today, we had AR's 15 month check-up.  She weighs 24.9 and is 32 1/2 inches long.  At her last check-up (12 months) she weighed 22.13 and was 30 3/4 inches.  Everything looked and sounded great and Dr. Roberts even said her heart is starting to sound much better which is a great sign that she will outgrow the abnormal rhythm. 

I am so happy that Anna Riley LOVES her doctor!  Dr. Roberts is wonderful with the kids and when she comes in the room, Anna Riley is almost fascinated with her and all her "gadgets."  I thought it was so sweet that today when she came in, Anna Riley hopped out of my lap and went to sit with her.  For someone that she doesn't see but every few months (thankfully) , she really likes her a lot and you would think she is around her all the time! 

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