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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

15 months

Anna Riley is 15 months old!  Here are some new things she is doing this month:

* We have an appointment next week so I will find out her "stats" then.
*We also have our final appointment with the optometrist for one more look at her tear duct...keep your fingers crossed!
*She still has her pacy.  To be honest, I didn't even try to take it away this month with her molars coming in.  It will happen soon, but I'm not too worried about it right now.
*I have taken her morning nap away most days now... mainly because it was causing her to not take a good afternoon nap. But there are some days when I can just tell she needs it...so we pretty much just play it by ear. 
*She LOVES to be outside!  She recently got a little pool and she loves getting in and out of it!  She also loves picking grass and putting in there...makes for really clean water!
*She is still fascinated by animals, especially dogs!  I know there will be a dog in our future...but just not now!
*She is getting so tall!  She can now reach the edge of the counter enough to grab things off...I have to constantly remind myself of this when putting anything on the kitchen counters! 

* She loves shutting doors.  Now that she can reach the doorknob, she has locked herself in the playroom a couple of times (even though she can reach it, she can't turn it to open it).
*She gets in trouble for turning the dishwasher on constantly!!  We keep it locked so she doesn't get in it, but when its locked she can turn it on.  But neither work now, because she has figured out how to unlock it!
* She is such a plunder box!  She loves to go through any drawer or cabinet  to see what she can find.  Most of the kitchen cabinets have the child lock on them, but she has managed to still open them a few times.
*She is even more obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (if that was even possible).  We don't let her watch a lot of it, but I have to say on days that I am not feeling well...there is definitely some MMC on!  She sits so still and quiet when watching it and don't dare turn it off before the episode is over!!  She usually gets upset now during the Hotdog dance because she knows it is going off!  WOW!
*She will bring me the remote so that I will turn MMC on!

* She now has 3 of her molars in and I am pretty sure she is cutting the other one.  She has been very whiny and needy for most of this month and I am sure most of it is from teething! 
*Speaking of whiny and needy...she has been a huge Mama's girl this month.  Like most other children, when she doesn't feel well, she tends to want her Mama!  But it has been hard, especially when we have to leave her because she wants only me to put her to bed!  I hope this is just a phase!
*If she wants to be held and I won't pick her up, she stomps her foot!! 

*She is still a hearty eater!  Her favorites are most any fruit but especially strawberries, macaroni, mashed potatoes and avocados.
*She has been sitting in a booster seat most of the time at home now and she does great with it. 
*She is finally eating on a plate without dumping her food (on most days anyway).
*She still isn't great with utensils but she is getting it.  She ate a whole serving of mashed potatoes with the wrong end of the spoon! 

*I love watching how "motherly" she is to her baby dolls.  She loves on them, kisses them, feeds them a bottle ( normally in the eye rather than the mouth but oh well!), burps them.  I hope this means she will be really good with her new sibling!! 
*We have caught her standing up in her chairs in the playroom.  Before long, she will be on top of the table!
*She HATES the vacuum cleaner!!  It is such an ordeal to vacuum because she freaks out from the moment I get it out. 

*She is still jabbering A LOT and learning new words everyday!  She says Mama (more like Mum-a) and Dada all the time and actually in reference to us.  Some of the new words since last month are rooster (not very clear), she also tries to say fish, chicken and peek a boo. 
*She walks around saying "shhh" a lot. 
*Says the duck sound and kitty cat sound...still working on the others.
*She is obsessed with playing Peek-A-Boo barn on my phone (Thanks Lauren!)...she knows exactly how to do it and it has really helped her with her animals and sounds! 
*She points at everything!

* I think she is going to love music like her Daddy!  If you know Riley, you know how much he loves  music and we usually have some playing when he is here...yes those are his huge headphones in the picture above. 
*We were at a restaurant a few weeks ago and there was a man playing and singing.  After every song, whether anyone else did or not, Anna Riley was the first one to clap!  It was so cute...I think she really liked his music!
*She also will stop what she is doing to dance for a minute and then she goes back to what she is doing.

*She has recently been so interested in looking at our wedding book.  We look at it over and over and talk about all the people in it. 
*She loves to do whatever I am doing!  If I am dusting, she has to have a cloth to dust also!  Same with anything else.  I definitely have a little shadow that follows me around!
*She likes likes to put her hands over her eyes and play peek-a-boo
*She is SO ticklish!! I just love hearing her laugh so hard!


Phillips Family said...

Carson freaks out about the vaccuum too! So weird!

She is so precious!

The LeCroys said...

I'm glad she likes it! Addy's favorite part is when the animals go night-night. Anna Riley is so stinkin cute! I want a little swimsuit like that for Addy... adorable!