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Thursday, May 5, 2011

We are having a...


We went to the doctor today and we found out Anna Riley will have a little sister!  It is so exciting to think how close they will be and hopefully best friends!  My doctor said he has 2 girls with the same age difference and now they are 16 and 17 and they are so close.  I can't wait to dress two little girls up!!! 

Everything looked great with the baby's anatomy and she is growing right on track!  My due date is still set for October 13 and he is thinking the C-section date will most likely be Oct. 6.  I was hoping for the 4th so it would be on Mom's birthday but he doesn't want to deliver any earlier than 39 weeks if possible so that is great with me.  I don't care about the date, just as long as she is here and healthy!  Her heart rate was 155. 

We have a name that we both like but we just want to talk about it a little more and make sure that is the one we will go with.  So more on that later!

My growing tummy!

17 weeks
I am feeling SO much better!!! I am still having a lot of headaches but I haven't been sick lately.  I had a scary moment a couple of weeks ago.  I was at a wedding and blacked out a little and almost passed out (right as they were saying I DO! how embarrassing would that have been had I hit the floor!) I haven't did it since so I think it was from having to stand, being hot and hungry!   

Weight gain:
4 pounds
It was almost 7 after Easter but I'm back down to 4!! 
I guess I don't have to tell you I enjoyed Easter meals and candy!

Maternity clothes:
Just jeans because they are much more comfortable. 

Mexican (good thing its Cinco De Mayo!)

Sleep has been great the past couple of weeks.  I just have to make myself get up to to to the restroom because I know how bad it is to hold it. 


I have felt a few flutters here and there but nothing consistent.


Phillips Family said...

You are so tiny and cute! So excited for your 2 girls and my 2 boys to get married some day! :)

KIMI said...

Yay for a baby girl! Having a sister is the best... I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my sisters:). They will definitely be best friends!!

Rebecca said...

I can't agree with Kim more...sisters are the best! And having two cutie patooties that look just like their Daddy is going to be sooo adorable!

Kim Lawson said...

Congrats!! I agree, too! My girls are 18 months apart and are very close to each other. Well, they fight, too, but I know they will be best friends forever!

The LeCroys said...