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Sunday, May 29, 2011

20 weeks---Half way!!

As of Thursday, I am at the halfway point!! 

Symptoms:  My back is starting to hurt more...especially when I have to carry a 25 lb. toddler around.  My headaches are still occurring but not as frequently.
Weight gain: Aroud 9 or 10 lbs (as of today not Thursday)...eating out most meals at the beach put the lbs. on!!!
Maternity clothes: Most of my clothes all fit fine.  I did buy a materniy swim top because I'm sure it will be needed later in the summer.
Cravings: Fruit and sweets (especially cookies) and my Mom's potato salad.  Food commercials have been killing me lately...I haven't had Wendy's in probably over a year but that spicy chicken sandwich commercial has me craving one!
Sleep: Sleep is pretty good except if I wake up to use the restroom and its already 3 or 4...it usually takes me forever to fall back asleep.
Gender: Girl!! 
Movement: I finally felt her on the outside but just barely.  She is moving around a lot more lately.

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