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Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy Saturday

We had two birthday parties Saturday morning.  We started off celebrating with Fischer for his 2nd birthday!  Anna Riley's favorite thing was all the party food!!  It was almost embarrsing how much she was eating! (I mean, I promise I do feed my child at home!)  She not only would eat her food, but she would steal food off of the poor kids sitting beside her.  I noticed little kids hovering over their plates so that she couldn't get their food!!!  Oh my! 

We then headed off to Bama Bounders ( a gymnastics place) for Lily Grace's 4th birthday party.  Oh did Anna Riley love this place!!  She was running all over the place, turning circles, climbing on everything.  I can't wait to put her in a gymnastics class!  There were so many kids at the party so she had plenty of people to run around with.  I never got a picure of Lily Grace. 

Needless to say she was exhuasted after all that fun!  But she had to get rested because Granna, Paw Paw and Uncle Wes were coming to the house for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. 

Note to self: Never tell Granna about how she pitched a fit over one of the gifts at a birthday party! They made Anna Riley a very happy girl with her very big Minnie Mouse!

She was loving her PawPaw Saturday night...and Granna too of course but she gets to see Granna a lot more than she does PawPaw!  She actually cried to go home with them! 
She refused to get a picture with them...she won't stay still long enough!

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