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Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday--Baby's name!


Riley and I finally decided for sure what Baby girl's name would be.  It was actually the name we both liked from the beginning and the first name we really talked about but we just wanted to talk about it a little more and make sure that was it.  Ava Kathryn Hollyhand...I have always loved the name Ava and Kathryn is after my Mom.  I also really wanted to use another A name mainly just for the simple fact of reusing a lot of Anna Riley's clothes because I usually just monogram an A rather than the whole monogram.  We are pretty sure that we will call her Ava Kathryn rather than just Ava but we will really just see once she is here. 


I finally got my blog of Anna Riley's first year printed in a book.  I have ordered it and it should be here June 7!  After trying several sites, I used Blog2Print.com mainly because it was the easiest and it didn't take forever to download (since it was 196 pages...and that was with taking a few out and consolidating so that more than one post was on a page!)  But, the only thing I am not crazy about is that it is very plain and the layout isn't the best just because I chose to consildate pages. I contimplated back and forth about making one from Shutterfly or just printing it so we would have it and I figured it would take me almost another year just to get it like I wanted so I decided it was much eaiser to just print it like it was.  Plus when I write these posts, it is in the moment so I feel like it is a good "caption" of her year.


It is officially wedding season!  Riley and I went to another wedding this weekend and we have another one next weekend!! 


Saturday, we went to a family cookout at my Aunt Diane's house for a little reunion.  She has it once a year for all of her and Mom's brothers and sisters... all 10 of them! We don't see this side of the family much and usually it is just once a year at this cookout.  This year all 10 brothers and sisters were there.  Anna Riley got to spend the night with Granna and PawPaw and go to church with them the next morning!


Phillips Family said...

Love the name! So classy!

The Sweet Life said...

I love it!!! I know someone who just had a baby and her name was Anna Kathryn. Haha its both your girls in one.