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Saturday, June 4, 2011

16 months

Anna Riley is 16 months and I am loving the stage that she is in!  Riley and I both said how much we love this stage but as I flipped through our blog scrapbook I realized we said that at every stage!! :) 

- She is wearing mostly 18 month clothes and some 24 month.  Her shoe size depends on the shoe but most of them are 5 and will be 6 very soon.  Still in a size 4 diaper.

-She is taking 2 naps for the most part.  After she refused her afternoon naps at the beach, she has taken wonderful naps this week! 

-She tans SO well!!  She definitely got her Daddy's skin completion!  Her hair is mostly blonde right now.  She favors her Nana's childhood pictures a lot!
-Anna Riley LOVES fruit!  I think she could just live off that and be just fine!  While at the beach, that's all the wanted.  Her favorites seem to be bananas and strawberries but pretty much likes all fruit.  She likes that she can hold the banana on her own and eat it.

-She does not like her food to be cut up.  I still have to cut some things up for her but she eats it a lot better if it is something she can just pick up and take bites of on her own.  She is getting so independent!

-She is doing a little better using utensils.  She is better with a fork than a spoon.
-She is so much fun to play with right now.  She is all over the place and constantly giggling or laughing.  We just love to hear her laugh, it's so cute!

-She LOVES books!! I think if she didn't have any other toys she would be content with just her books!  She likes to look at them on her own and she studies each picture.  She will bring us the ones she wants us to read to her.

-She loves to sit on her Daddy's stomach or take rides on his back.

-Anna Riley loves to amazed by planes and birds. 

-Every chair is a rocking chair to her.  She will get in it and rock back and forth.  It's so cute when she rocks her babies. 

-Her vocabulary is building everyday.  Sometimes, she says some words a couple of times and then we won't hear them for a while.   I can't even remember all the words she has said or is saying at the moment.  Some of the latest words/ phrases are:  kitty cat, where's ___?  (usually its Da-da or daddy), Jesus, all gone, stinky stinky (obviously usually referring to her diaper), diaper or dipe dipe, hotdog,  bye bye (she used to just wave and never would say it but now she says it and rarely waves! haha), baby, no no no and go go go (yes usually in 3's), ... I am sure there are more new words but just can't think of them.

-When we count 1, 2 she will say 3. Sometimes she will say 2 also.  Same as if you say Ready, set she says Go.

-She says "thank you"  on her own now.  She used to just repeat it sometimes but now when we give her something she will usually say "thank you." 

-We are constantly getting on to her for trying to drink the pool and bath water!!  She will stick her face in and drink it like a dog!! Gross!  So now she thinks she is sneaky and she gets water on her fingertips and puts it in her mouth!   You would think the child never had anything to drink!

- She is climbing on everything right now!!  I saw her trying her best to climb on the table in her playroom the other day. So I'm sure I will go in there one day to find her standing on top!  Her favorite thing to do is climb up the slide.

-She loves to drive her pink Tot-Rod.  She gets in and is gone!!  Now if she could just learn to steer it!

- She runs everywhere she goes!  It should be lots of fun chasing her in a couple of months when I am really big!

-If I ask her to go get something, she usually understands and will do it...it might take forever but she will eventually get it to me!  Same as if I ask her to hand me something that she has.

-She also brings me anything she finds on the floor that isn't supposed to be there.  I am just glad she doesn't put it in her mouth anymore.

-When we say the blessing, she claps after we say Amen. 

-She makes the funniest faces.  Sometimes when I go get her in the mornings the first thing she does is look at the camera and make a funny face! haha

-We are going to take the pacy away this month.   I am kind of glad we had it while her molars were coming in...that was brutal!   The longer she has it, though, the more attached she is getting and I really want it taken away before Ava Kathryn is here.

- She is constantly hiding things.  She has like 4 or 5 spots that she usually puts things.  She hid her milk the other day and I found it a couple of days later!  Gross!  She also hid one of my picture frames that sits on the end table. 


Phillips Family said...

Those are such good pictures, and yes she definitely got Riley's skin. Poor Carson has my skin :(

KIMI said...

AR is growing up so fast! Great beach pics. I am pretty jealous of that tan:)