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Friday, June 10, 2011

22 weeks

Nothing really different from last week...

Weight gain:
10 lbs.

Mexican (this child is going to love some Mexican food!) and still wanting sweets.

Sleep has not been so great this week!  I am not sleeping well at night, all I do is toss and turn or get up to go to the bathroom.  Plus, Anna Riley has been waking up earlier than normal this week also.  We have had a pretty busy week so when  we get home, I'm exhausted.!! I have taken full advantage of her nap time this week and had naps myself!  But I haven't made it to the gym at all this week and I think that makes a difference in my energy level.

Maternity clothes:
All my shorts and most of my shirts fit fine right now.  Dresses are the most comfortable though.

Movement has been big this week!  I am feeling her kick and jab a lot more now and I just love it!  I feel her the most in the afternoon and at night before I go to bed.  Riley still hasn't felt...just as with AR in the beginning, she always stops when he has his hands on my tummy. 

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