Hollyhand House

Thursday, June 16, 2011

23 weeks

I'm still feeling pretty good at the moment. No complaints!

Weight gain:
12 lbs.

Mexican, sweets especially chocolate covered peanuts and cookies and hotdogs (or turkey dogs)

I have slept pretty good this week.  I still have to rotate sides often so my back doesn't hurt.  I also sleep with a pillow between my legs.  I used the Bobby pregnancy pillow last time and loved it but I couldn't get compfortable with it last week so I am just using a regular pillow.

Maternity clothes:
Dresses are still the most comfortble.  My normal size shorts are starting to get a little uncomfortable but the size up is still a little big.  I think I might get a pair of maternity shorts soon.

Yes! All the time!! This is my favorite part of being pregnant!  I just love those little kicks and jabs and somersaults in my tummy.  Riley finally felt her kick on Sunday. 

--I have been working on cleaning out the guest room.  The closet didn't have too much in it, mainly a few coats and several of those will be given away. 
--We are waiting to get a sleeper sofa for the playroom before we take down the guest bed. 
--I ordered the bedding last week and I went with the one I showed but I changed it up a little so I can't wait to see it...it should ship in July sometime.
--I am ordering the furniture as soon as I make time to go to the store to do so.
--My biggest thought right now is whether or not to convert AR's crib to a toddler bed toward the end of summer.  My only reason of wanting to is because as I get bigger, it will be harder for me to put her in her bed and also after the baby is here I can't pick her up for a little while.  I just don't know if she would be ready for it.  Any thoughts?  We can always change it back if it isn't working I guess.


Rebecca said...

You are glowing and look SO beautiful!

I think AR will surprise you with the toddler bed. Zoe transitioned amazingly well! I don't think you will regret changing...I definitely don't.

Livistitches said...

I can't give much advice on moving to the toddler bed. Olivia stayed in her crib until age 3 :)

I will say don't worry too much about not being able to pick AR up after the c-section. I was sooo worried about that. No being able to pick Olivia up with my biggest worry then it turned out to not be a big issue. My body healed so much better with the 2nd child. (Dr. Poist told me it would be easier but I didn't believe him.) I was able to lift and do things within 2 weeks that I thought I wouldn't be doing for 6-8 weeks.

Looking forward to seeing the nursery :)