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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day weekend

Friday, we spent a lot of time outside since the rain cooled things off a little and it was bearable. She loves being outside but its too hot to stay out usually.

Anna Riley would not take an afternoon nap (she went through a phase last week of not wanting in her bed...more on that later) but I did make her at least come in and "rest".

Riley took her for a wagon ride so I could finish dinner and she fell asleep sitting up in the wagon! 

It was just enough of a power nap to keep her going!  Since it was so nice, we decided to eat outside and then AR played some more.  I wish it always felt that great outside during the summer!!

Saturday was pretty busy.  We went to eat breakfast at FIG that morning and then when AR laid down for a nap I went to get a pedicure and pick up my Dad's father's day/birthday gifts.  We had our nephew, Brilyn's, birthday party from 1-3 and then my parents were coming to keep AR so we could go to Riley's cousin's wedding at 4.  Mom and Dad took AR out to eat (they were brave)!  So, after the wedding Riley and I met up with the Stricklands for dinner at DePalmas. 
The birthday party was at the Playhouse Christian Academy (its a preschool but they rent out their facility for parties).  They have a few jumpy houses, ball pits and the playground like McDonalds and places like that.  Anna Riley had so much fun and was non-stop going from one thing to the next.  I decided that her birthday party would be there next year!

Sunday, was of course Father's Day. I made a breakfast pizza and Cinnamon rolls for breakfast and Anna Riley gave Daddy her two cards.  One was a handmade card with her hand print and her "drawing" and the other was a Minnie Mouse card that she held onto throughout the store.  After church, Anna Riley and I took a nap until lunch (we go to early service so we are out by 10) while Riley enjoyed a nice long run.  Then, it was off to the pool.   That evening, we had dinner at Papa Doug's.

Usually, I would not post a picture of me pregnant in a swimsuit, but I thought this was so sweet. Recently, she wants to lay her head on my belly and I think it is just precious. 

We had a wonderful weekend, celebrating the special men in our life!  I am very thankful for having such a great Dad and Father-in-law and an especially wonderful husband and father to our children!


Phillips Family said...

I have that same swimsuit! Her hair is getting really blonde! So cute!

kimberly t. bowling said...

She looks so grown up in some of these, like of her in the swing and her laying in the chair...precious, they change so fast!