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Thursday, June 30, 2011

25 weeks

I have had a hard time breathing this week.  It just comes and goes but I have to take really deep breaths and sit straight up to get any relief.

Weight Gain:
around 15 lbs.

Cereal...which is really weird because I don't want it really in the mornings, just mainly in the afternoon or at night!  I have also really enjoyed my multi grain bagel and fresh fruit in the mornings...I usually start thinking about my breakfast before I go to sleep! haha

As long as AR is sleeping good at night, I sleep good.  Her sleeping has not been consistent so that doesn't help.  Plus, I am having to get up a lot during the night to go to the bathroom. 

Maternity Clothes:
I finally bought some maternity shorts and they are a lot more comfortable but I still wear the others too.  I am most comfortable in a dress.

Lots and lots of movement!!  She has been kicking so hard this week.  I love to sit and watch my stomach just move!

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