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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Anna Riley slept so good last night and woke up at 8:00 this morning.  I had gotten up around 7:30 because I had to of course go to the bathroom so I  made the bed, put laundry in and checked my email and facebook until she woke up. 
We ate breakfast and she watched Mickey and then went to play while I got ready and started dinner (it was in the crockpot and had to cook for 10 hours). 
We have been going to Storytime at the library on Wednesdays and Anna Riley really enjoys it.  It is similar to Kindermusik because they sing, play an instrument, read a book and always ends with bubbles. 

When we left, we stopped by the grocery store to get two things that they were out of on Monday that I needed for dinner.
When we got home a friend stopped by for about 30 minutes.  When she left, Anna Riley and I headed to chick-fil-a  for a little lunch date since Riley had another meeting today. My friend Mandy and her 3 girls met us there.  Anna Riley really likes playing in there but we will not be back at lunch time!  Let's just say the teacher in me came out and I let some kids have it!!  There were first of all too many kids in there and only 3 parents AND most of the kids were way too old to be in there anyways and they were running all over all the little kids!  Anna Riley had climbed to the top and 3 older boys climbed up and since she wasn't going fast enough they pushed her out of the way and was climbing over her.  SO  this pregnant Mama had to climb to the top and get my child while their Mamas sat and enjoyed their kid free lunch!! 

We got back home right at nap time and she was worn out!! I laid her down at 1:45 and she was asleep in like 5 minutes.  She woke up at 4 and we went outside to eat a snack.  I wanted to play around with my new camera lens so I did that while she ate and played in the yard. 

 We came back in and read some books and played with her babies until Riley came home.  When he came home we went back outside until time to eat at 6. 

I made Sante Fe Chicken and Rice for dinner and it was pretty good.  It would have been better with a little cheese and sour cream on top but it was still good especially to only have 190 calories per serving. I got it from skinnytaste.com also.

After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen we took rode AR in her wagon around the neighborhood. Then it was bath, MMC and bed at 8:30 for Anna Riley.  

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