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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Anna Riley slept until 8:45 this morning and it was so nice!! I actually felt very rested this morning! We got up and ate breakfast. She usually watches Mickey Mouse during breakfast. While she finished breakfast and then played in her playroom, I put the sheets in the washer and got ready. Since she slept late, I decided to skip her morning nap. We ran to Sam's to get some necessities and then to Old Navy because the 20 for 10 groupon I bought was about to expire this week. We got home right before it started to rain.

When we got home, Anna Riley watched the rain out the window and played while I folded laundry.  Everytime it would thunder she would stop and listen. 
Riley had a meeting during lunch so he couldn't come home to eat.  We ate, cleaned up the kitchen and then read books, did puzzles and played in the playroom.  Riley stopped by after his meeting for a few minutes.  Anna Riley rested on her princess couch and we watched Mickey mouse to settle her down for a nap. I wanted to get her to sleep earlier today especially since she didn't take a morning nap.  She went down around 1:45 and was asleep by 2. 
I have been in the process of organizing/ cleaning out closets and I had great intentions of tackling one during her nap but the rain kind of made me a little lazy so I saved it for another day.

Anna Riley woke up around 4 and even though it was wet outside, it felt wonderful!  So, we went to check the mail and she ate a popcicle on the front porch.  After cleaning up, we went to the back to swing.  Maggie and Addie Gail (our neighbors) were playing in their yard so we played with them for a little while. 

Riley came home and jogged and then he took AR for a ride in her wagon while I went to the gym. They ate leftovers from last night. When I got home I ate (just cereal because I was craving it!)  We played with AR, gave her a bath and watched MMC and then put her to bed at 8:30. 
Riley and I started a new devotional, so we did that and I blogged and watched tv while he went to sleep. 

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kimberly t. bowling said...

AR's car seat cover it adorable! I wish I had one for my drivers seat! :)