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Thursday, July 21, 2011

28 weeks

YAY for 3rd Trimester!!!  I feel like it all goes fairly fast once you get to this point!

Symptoms:  My back has started hurting a lot especially if I have been on my feet or doing a lot that day.  I am also tired a lot but I don't think the heat  and not sleeping well at night helps with that at all!!  And like I said in my last post, I have been eating like crazy!  I have did better with sweets this week though.  The only sweet thing I have had is the new Dessert Trio Bluebell icecream....if you haven't tried it, you have to!!!  It has chocolate cake, pecan brownies and chocolate chip cookies in it! YUM... oh and I also had a snack Rolo mcflurry!  Those things are sinful!!

Maternity clothes:  I wear both right now.  I wear my maternity shorts but most of my dresses and shirts are regular.

Weight gain:  20 lbs

Movement:  She has really been moving a lot lately.  I like to sit and just watch my stomach move.  Sometimes I can feel her bottom or her feet. 

Sleep: Sleep is ok but not so much because of her but mainly because of AR right now.  The one night that Anna Riley slept great and was in her bed all night, I got up at 8-10 times to use the bathroom!!  I wouldn't even get back to sleep again and I would have to pee again!  Very frustrating! 

Doctor Appointment:  I went to the Doctor this morning for my checkup, sugar test and 4D ultrasound.  When we did the ultrasound, Ava Kate kept her hands on her face for a while so we couldnt see anything but then I think the sugar from the drink I had to drink for the test kicked in and she was moving all over but it was hard to get a good picture.  She was in a little ball almost.  The only thing I can tell is that her nose looks a lot like AR's did when we had her 4D.  She weighed a little over 3 lbs (cant remember the exact weight).  The lady was sweet and said she would do it again on my next appointment so that maybe we get some better pictures. 
Dr. Poist said everything looked great.  I am measuring a week ahead like I did with Anna Riley.  I passed my sugar test and all my numbers and counts looked great!  He even said I must be eating lots of green vegetables because my blood count looked so good!  Haha..well I am but not to mention all the other that goes with it!

You can see part of her face, arm and legs/feet in this picture.


Rebecca said...

The last picture is so awesome...I know it isn't a face shot but i love it!!!! I had one of those rolos shakes too...umm...ridiculous!!!!

Phillips Family said...

YAY a preggo post! I think Ava Kate looks like Anna Riley too!