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Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

We had a busy but fun weekend.  Mom kept AR on Friday because Riley and I had to go pick something up in Birmingham he had gotten fixed.  We made a stop by St. Vincents to sweet Colin and then went to eat.  Colin is precious and looks just like his Daddy.  You can see more picture of him on Kim's blog.
Candace, Tate, Addison, Kim, Colin and me

Saturday was very productive!  I finished cleaning the house, cleaned out the rest of the guest room and loaded my car down for things we were getting rid of.  We had a small party on Saturday night (more on that on down)
Sunday after some much needed rest, we met the Tidmore's at the pool. 

Saying Goodbye:
Our friends, the Strickland's, are moving tomorrow to West Palm Beach, Florida.  Riley and Jason have been friends since Junior High and they have always been so close so its a sad day for us!  When Riley and I first started dating, he had Jason and Elaine's kids' picture framed in his bedroom and I had to ask if he had kids I didn't know about! haha  They are the sweetest friends and its going to be different without them around...especially during football season!!  We had a party Saturday night and it was a lot of fun but bittersweet!  We wish them the best and can't wait to plan a trip down there to see them!!

I mentioned that we cleaned out the guest bedroom/future nursery this weekend.  So glad to have that done!!  The baby bedding came in last week and its perfect!  Now I have to find a paint color and we are installing wire shelving in the closet (like we did with AR's back in the fall)  and pick up the furniture.  The furniture has to be picked up by the beginning of August so I am sure we will do that this week hopefully!

Thursday afternoon, Anna Riley feel off the front porch step and hit her face on the concrete.  She was just standing on the middle step but since she hit the concrete, it scratched her up quite a bit.  This picture was from today, so it looks a lot better than it on Friday morning. 

Book worm:
Anna Riley has turned into a little book worm here lately!  She could read books all day long!!  Her favorite book has been the 100 first words.  I received this as a shower gift but AR is just now really getting into it.  Its just a picture book that labels things.  We read this book over and over again all day!  Her vocabulary is increasing more and more and she really wants to know what everything is right now.  She will say "whats that?"  I am so glad she shows such an interest for books and I hope she continues to.   

 Since she liked this book SO much, I decided to order another one similar to it.
 So, I got this one.  I like this one because it has more with colors, abcs, numbers, animals, words, etc.


Phillips Family said...

I just bought the 100 first words for Carson too! He has been very busy with his new toys, so we haven't had a chance to read it yet!

Poor AR, I remember when Carson skinned his little nose on the concrete, talk about heartbreaking!

Rebecca said...

buHopefully she will stop crying soon when she gets to the baby crying...that still cracks me up!!!Love the picture of you all in the hospital!