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Thursday, August 4, 2011

18 months

Anna Riley is now a year and a half! Time is just zooming by...before I know it she will be getting ready to start Kindergarten!  Here is what she is doing at 18 months:
-She weighs about 26 lbs (doctor's appointment next week)
-She wears a size 4 diaper but size 5's fit well also and I usually put those on at night if I have them.
-She is wearing 18 month and 24 month/2T clothing.  Her shoe size is a 6 in most shoes.
-She eats really well at some meals and barely anything at others.  Some of her favorite foods are: strawberries, apples (she doesn't like it cut up though), avocados, sweet potatoes, french fries, cheese, yogurt, green beans, purple hull peas, corn on the cob...
-She LOVES her dessert but only gets it if she eats well.  She loves anything Reece's, and loves her "tookies".  She will often go stand and the pantry and cry because she knows Reece's are in there!!
-Her vocabulary has really picked up just in the last month.  Her words are becoming clearer and easier to understand and she is talking non-stop!  She is repeating more things also.
-She emphasizes or adds and extra E to certain words such as : BY-EEE, Da-DEEE, Hi-E...it cracks me up listening to her say those words.
-She is starting to say more phrases rather than just words.
-She loves animals and can name most of them and tell their sound.
-She loves strangers and wants them to notice her and talk to her!
-She takes great naps but is still not sleeping well at night. 
-Daddy has been her favorite person the past couple of weeks.  She rarely speaks my name but I hear Da-Dee  all day long!  If she hears the door, she immediately stops what she is doing and runs to greet him and give him a big hug!

-She gives her "sissy" kisses all the time but she has to lift up my shirt to do so.
-She is becoming more interested in scribbling and coloring.  I am pretty sure she might be left-handed like her Daddy.  She always picks the pencil up with her left hand but she uses a fork/spoon in her right.
-When she sit down to eat, she will often remind us to say the blessing. She puts her hands together and says "Gah Gah Gah  YAY!!" (I am taking it that is supposed to be God).
-She loves to play outside but when we go out she says "its hot" and that is no lie!  Unfortunately, she can't stay out too long because of the ridiculous heat we are having but when she is out there she loves to play with her soccer ball and sometimes we just sit on the front porch and talk about the birds and cars :)
-She is constantly pointing to things and saying "you see?"  She will do this the whole grocery trip!!  And now when she hears something loud she says "you hear?" 
-She gives the best hugs!! She will squeeze your neck so tight! :)

-She is a snuggle bug.  If she is laying with us, she likes me to snuggle with her (I love this because she stopped letting me do this for a while!)
-She will ask for a high five (which sounds like bye bye to me) and she thinks its so funny when we give her one.
-We are constantly laughing at her little personality. 
-Now she has a poopy diaper, she will come to me and say "shhheww"
-She still loves books and she reads/looks at them all throughout the day.
-The day is not complete without a little bit of  "ninnie nouse."
-She loves babies but also plays better with kids that are a couple of years older. 
-She is very girly at times but she doesn't mind getting dirty either.  She loves watching me with my makeup, jewlery and shoes already but also loves to play ball with her Daddy!
-She looks a lot like her Nana's (Riley's mom) pictures when she was a little girl! 

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Kim Lawson said...

Such a fun age! AR is a doll!