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Monday, August 8, 2011


I feel like we had a pretty productive weekend and got a few things done that was on our list. 
Friday night, we had dinner with friends at Iguana Grill and yogurt mountain afterwards.  After putting AR to bed, Riley and I watched a movie. 
Saturday, Riley started painting the nursery.  I am so happy with the color and I think its going to look great with the antique white furniture and the bedding!  While he painted, I spent some time organizing.  I organized some of the bathroom and kitchen.  I really enjoy organizing but sometimes with everything going on, its hard to keep it that way.  I hope to get a lot more organized in the next month!
Anna Riley climbed out of her crib again on Saturday and decided it was playtime.  We had taken the bumpers out and it seemed as though she wouldnt be able to climb out anymore but we were wrong.  She climbed out and Riley heard her running around in her room.  So, we will be converting her bed this week...wish us luck! 

Here are a few random pictures from the weekend: 

How sweet is this? 

Lounging around Sunday morning before church

This morning, I kept a friend of ours little girl, Sarah.  Sarah's grandmother is in the hospital so her Mom and Dad went to spend some time with her.  Sarah and AR had the best time playing. 
Here is a peek at the color for the nursery.  The person doing the closet is supposed to come out this week and Riley plans to put the bed together sometime this week also.  :)


Rebecca said...

You have quite the lounger it looks like...except at bedtime! haha. I hope the transition goes well...I am sure it will! LOVE the wall color and I can't wait to see everything...you always do such a great job!

The Sweet Life said...

I love the nursery color.

KIMI said...

I love a snuggle bug! I hope Colin still likes to snuggle when he is AR's age:) Love the nursery color and can't wait to see more!!

Phillips Family said...

Love the wall color, I know the nursery will be pretty, can't wait for the final reveal!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh what a tease...the color looks fantastic (so hard to tell in pics, but it looks similar to a color I used for my library/office in the basement)...I know the nursery decor will be great, waiting for more photos!!!