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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fairhope and Friends

We went to Fairhope last weekend and had some friends join us.  Originally, we had planned on going down with Riley's dad but he was still in rehab from his knee replacement so we ask the Tidmore's to go with us.  They are such great people to have on any trip...so easy and laid back!!  We had decided to cook seafood at home rather than going out and I must say it was so nice to not have to get ready and entertain kids at the restaurant and the food was wonderful!   I spent a good portion of the time in my comfy pjs when we weren't out by the bay or pool.   It ended up being a very relaxing weekend! 
The kids enjoyed watching and feeding the geese on Friday evening.

Adorable little Talon...he just soaked it all in! It won't be long until he is running around with the others!

Tucker loved playing in the water, especially since he just learned to swim this summer!

Anna Riley wouldn't leave poor Talon alone!

Please check out the thighs on this girl!! :)

Anna Riley and Tucker watching Mickey Mouse together

And by the end of the weekend, Anna Riley had fallen in love with Tucker!  But Tucker is at the age where babies and girls are not cool! haha...but we did catch them playing together quite a bit! :)  She asked for Tucker all the way home and even mentioned his name one night this week while eating supper!  So cute!!
So glad we have such amazing friends and our kids can grow up together! 

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The LeCroys said...

Cute pictures!! If Anna Riley is anything like Addy at restaurants, eating in is definitely a good move! Ha ha!