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Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I have been in full nesting mode the past couple of weeks.  I have cleaned out and organized so many closets and drawers!  There are still a few things I would like to tackle before next week.  I think its so funny that you go through this phase of nesting.  I mean the baby is really not going to know if her Mommy's closet is perfectly organized!  But...I am enjoying having the energy to get it done because I can't stand a dirty/ unorganized house anyway!

We had a wonderful, relaxing Friday night.  Riley picked us up food on his way home and we ate and spent the evening outside playing and socializing with our neighbors.  Anna Riley loves to play with them and I am so thankful we have such great neighbors that we love and our kids play together so well! 
My parents insited that Anna Riley come spend the night Saturday night.  They would get her every weekend if I would let them!  She LOVES going to her Granna and PawPaws and never is ready to come back home!  While she was gone Saturday, Riley and I met up with Cyndee and Dan since they were in town to see her parents.  Riley and I watched the 1st half of the game downtown and then came home to watch the 2nd half.  It was a very good game and another win for Bama! :)

Last Sunday, two of my friends and my two sisters-in-law threw me a monograms and diaper shower.  Ava Kate got SO many cute things and lots and lots of diapers!  She is one blessed baby girl!

Mom and I
My hostesses: Frances Ann, Leigh, Amanda & Peyton
A guests wrote a special note to Ava Kate on a onesie.

All the monogrammed gifts Ava Kate received
Diapers, Diapers and more diapers!!! :)


Candace said...

Fun shower!! I'm so sad my invite didn't make it!

Rebecca said...

SO many cute things and I love the way Ava Kate written out...if that makes sense!!! I get to rub your tummy in one week! Can't wait!!!

Kim Lawson said...

Cute shower idea!