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Sunday, September 25, 2011

37 weeks

As of Thursday, I am 37 weeks! I can't believe how close we are!!

  I have felt SO great until Thursday!  I had so much energy this week and just felt so good.  I was able to get so much done.   But Thursday, I woke up feeling not feeling so great.  I felt nauseous all day and got sick twice.  I also had some mild menstrual type cramping and was just so tired!  I felt somewhat better Friday and much better Saturday.  I have not had much of an appetite this week...I think I have ran out of room to put any food!!

Weight Gain:
Down one from last week...probably due to being sick and not having as big of an appetite. So I am now at 26 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:
Choices are very getting very slim!  I feel most comfortable in a tunic and leggings.

I feel like at time she is dancing in my tummy!  We love to just sit and watch my stomach move...its a weird feeling but I love it!

Nothing really

Dr. Appointment:
I went to the doctor on Friday.  He said the nausea could be just have been a touch of a bug or just end of pregnancy stuff.  He said everything looked fine.  I am still measuring fairly big...I measured closer to 40 weeks.  He said he doesn't predict a huge baby but she will definitely be of good size!! 


Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

You look great!!! Hope you have a good last two weeks. It's amazing how you can feel great one day and miserable the next during the last stages of pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

best of luck, i think you are in last stage of pregnancy, so be care full, god bless you dear!

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