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Monday, September 5, 2011

Our weekend

We had a few things going on this weekend and none of which I have pictures of!  Riley and I went to eat and then went to the Alabama concert at the new amphitheatre on Friday night.  It was such a great concert!!  I have always loved Alabama...who doesn't!?  We also saw lots of our friends and other people we knew there so that made it even better!  We had planned on leaving Saturday morning for Fairhope but after seeing the weather report, we decided to just stay put. So, my parents ask if Anna Riley could spend the weekend with them.  We have did one night several times but never two.  After seeing how excited she was to go, I felt better about it.  While putting her in Mom's car, she giggled the whole time and gave me a quick kiss told me bye and was ready to go!!  I did call a million times to see what she was doing and I know she had a blast! 

Riley had caught our cold from last week and he didn't even have a voice and it was too hot and such an early game that we had no desire to go to the quad so, I made some tailgaiting food and we just sat at home and watched the game.  A couple of friends stopped by and watched it with us.  We watched football pretty much all day and evening and grilled steaks that night.  LOVE this time of year!! 

Sunday we went to Chucks for their Sunday brunch buffet....SO good!  Then we waited paitently for Anna Riley to be home.  She was excited to see us, but I am pretty sure she would have went right back home with them!!  She cried when they left... I know there will be plenty of weekends she will beg to stay with them.   Riley and I both have fond memories of spending the night with our grandparents, so we love that she enjoys it as do they!

Today, we are just watching it rain, rain, rain!  I have been sterlizing bottles, putting away and hanging up the rest of the clothes.  The nursery is pretty much finished, I just have a few more things to get.  I will post pictures when its all done. 
Hope you all had a great weekend...try to stay dry! 

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