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Monday, September 5, 2011

19 months

Anna Riley is 19 months old and changing so much everyday!! 
-I haven't weighed her lately but I think its still around 26 lbs.
- She wears mostly 24 month or 2T clothes but can still wear some of her 18 month summer outfits and dresses.  She wears a size 6 shoe and size 5 diaper.
- Her hair has gotten so much lighter over the summer.  She now has blond hair and big brown eyes and a nice little tan! :)
-She loves to look at pictures. Some of her favorite book are our wedding book and a few of the shutterfly books I have made and the book of our blog.  She climbs up on the ottoman to read them or brings them to us to look at them.  I want to make one just for her soon.
-She still LOVES books and would be content just reading and looking at them all day long!
-She gives the best hugs and always says "awwww" or "ohhhh"  when she hugs us.
-She might not always give a real kiss but she blows kisses all the time.
-She still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and names most of the characters.   But she also likes Little Einsteins but MMC is still her #1.
-She is obsessed with shoes...yes, already!  She likes to go in her closet and pick them out and put them on...she gets very upset if she doesn't get to wear the ones she picked out...which don't always match! She also goes in my closet to get them.  She likes to put our shoes on us too.

-She loves jewelry...bracelets and necklaces especially.
-She likes to give everyone a high five.  I have even noticed her giving herself one!  She will say "high pive?"
 -While in Atlanta, she learned to fist bump so she usually gives high five and then holds her fist out.
-She has been doing pretty well with her toddler bed.  She as some off nights but she is doing better than before for sure.  She loves her bed now and doesn't get out and play as I feared he would (for now anyways.) 
-She has to sleep with her bunnies, blanket, pillow, the big Minnie Mouse and now she insist that the really big minnie sleep with her (its bigger than her!)
-She still takes two naps for the most part.  Sometimes she doesn't always sleep but she still needs the quiet time right now and so does Mommy!
-When he sees my belly, she starts saying "sissy"...she tried pulling my dress up in the store the other day to find her sissy!!  She will also kiss my belly but only if my shirt is up
-She loves to be outside and wants to be out there all the time.  She will stand at the doors and say "ou-tide, ou-tide"
-She will make a seat out of anything.  She loves little chairs, stools and steps to sit on. She backs up and sits down and lets out a big sigh like she is just worn out!  So cute.
-She likes to dance and sing.  She loves Wheels on the bus and does most of the motions.

-She "talks" nonstop...it just sounds like a foreign language most of the time with a few words I recognize here and there.  She jabbers the most first thing in the morning. 
-Speaking of talking, her vocabulary has picked up a lot.  She repeats a lot of words and phrases and names objects all the time. 
-She climbs on everything! 
-She eats some good meals and some she barely eats anything!  Her current favorites are still sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, avocados, grapes and of course "tookies!
-She waves all the time at everyone/everything.  And usually saying Hi, Hewo,  or byebye
-She is learning her colors but as of right now everything is blue!
-She LOVES animals!! She can name the barn animals and say their sound.  She knows many of the other animals too. 
-She will count with us sometime...her favorite numbers seems to be 3 and 5 beacuse she wants to say those all the time or she says them really loud. 
-She is obsessed with a first words spelling app I have on my phone and ipad.  She wants to play it all the time and she is actually pretty good at it.  You match the letters to spell the word.  It is so cute to see how proud she is when she gets them but she gets SO frustrated if she can't get the letter in!!

-She likes to lay on her belly in the tub now and she will say "kick, kick, kick" because thats what we tell her in the pool!

-She says "Pease" but has stopped saying thank you...we are working on brining that back.
-When you say its time to say night, night prayers, she puts her hands together and says "gah, gah, gah".

She is going to be such a great big sister!  I can't believe its only a month away and I will have two precious little girls in my life! 


The Sweet Life said...

She is so stinkin' cute.

Lori said...

Oh Anna is just ADORABLE! I love her big brown eyes and light hair! Gorgeous, gorgeous :)

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