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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Totally Obsessed...

with PINTREST!!!
I know I have mentioned pintrest on here before but my addiction has gotten worse I think. BUT, I don't think I am alone with my obsession!! :) I have found so many cute ideas from DIY crafts, yummy recipes, cute things for the holidays, wardrobe ideas (especially since I can't buy real clothes right now...I "window" shop), fun things for kids... the list goes on and on. I have made a few things that I found on there so I thought I would share. I am in no way very crafty but these turned out to be pretty easy and while I wouldn't say they are perfect I was at least proud I attempted them!

A wreath I made for our front door

A wreath I made for my Mom to give her sister for her birthday
(the ribbons look a little crazy in the picture...)

Wreath for Ava Kate

Hairbow holder for Ava Kate's room


The LeCroys said...

Wow Crystal! Now I am inspired to get busy on the things I've found on Pinterest. I have a serious addiction to it too but I haven't put many of my "finds" to the test yet!

Amanda McCrory said...

I Love them!! You have done a Great Job! I might try the ribbon next, I'm with you on the Pinterest I'm loving it!

Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

LOVE Pinterest too! I like finding ideas but I also being able to keep all my thoughts in one place. I am a list maker so Pinterest is like a dream some true for me :)