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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20 months

Anna Riley is now 20 months old!  Can't believe she will be 2 in just four short months!!
Here is what she is doing at 20 months:

-She wears mostly 24 month/2t clothes but can still wear 18 month in dresses.  She is in a size 5 diaper.
-We decided to drop her morning nap and move her afternoon nap up a little.  Sometimes, I feel she still needs that rest time, but she always falls asleep and then she doesn't take a good afternoon nap and I would much rather an afternoon nap than morning. 
-So, in trying to adjust to just one nap, she has been more whiny than usual and she is throwing quite a few tantrums.  I know some of this is due to teeth that have and are coming in and not feeling, changes that are slowly taking place, but mainly just the "terrible twos!"

-She has gotten really good at saying "NO!"  Sometimes this is to tell us she doesn't want something but many times it is just being definant!
-Even though she has had a few behavior issues this month, she can still be the sweetest thing!  She really loves to cuddle and she will say "cuddle, cuddle, cuddle" real fast.  She is always laying on us or giving us hugs and kisses. 
-When she hugs you she says "awww" and sometimes when you ask for a hug, you might just get the "aww" with no hug at all! Haha
-When her feelings are hurt, she curls her bottom lip and her eyes get big.

-Her vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  She is constantly saying or doing something new. She is now saying more phrases.  Her favorite phrases right now are  "I get it!"  or "There ya go"
-Many times when we ask her a question she will say "yeah"...much better than no all the time.  The other night I said "You know Mommy loves you so much" and she said "I know!"  :)
-She loves animals and can name most of them and their sound.  Barn animals are still here favorites.

-We are still working on people's names.  We work on this the most and I think she is just stubborn and will say them when she wants.  She does say Mama but she started calling me Mommy more, Daddy, PawPaw (my dad), Granna (She is stubborn with this one but she has said it a few times), PopPop (Rileys dad...who is really Papa Doug), MiMi (Rileys grandmother).  We are working on aunts and uncles and others but she says the ones she wants to say.

-She has started saying "WOW" or "cool" a lot.  When she says wow, she really drags it out...its so cute!
-She can count to 6 (on a good day) by herself.  She holds out her fingers and tries to count them.  Seven really throws her off but she will say 8,9, 10 and clap!  But, if she is counting objects, she will just say "pive, six, pive, six"
-She LOVES the song "wheels on the bus."  I often hear her "singing" the tune and then doing the motions.  She knows all the motions now and her favorite is that the babies go "wah, wah, wah"
-She likes to "help" me clean.
-Sometimes when she is really tired, she will point to her room and say "night, night"
-She still loves books and is now really intersted in her puzzles.

-Mickey Mouse is still a favorite and she really has started liking Pete.  She talks about him when the show isn't even on.  One day, a neighbor of ours was running while we were outside and I ask her if she knew who that was and she said "Pete"...its funny because he isn't even a main character on the show.
-She crosses her pointer and middle finger all the time.  I think she just realized she could do that.
-She is obsessed with the games on the iphone and ipad.  I have to admit, she is pretty good at them and knows how to use them probably better than many adults I know!  But, it gets frustrating when we are using them and she tries to get them from us.  She will now say "Peas" but she thinks because she says that, she can have it! 

-She is obsessed with shoes.  She wakes up in the morning wanting to pick out a pair of shoes in her closet.  She also loves to take our shoes off and put them on her or on someone else. 
-She really likes to watch me put my make-up on.  Isn't it funny how little girls already love this stuff?!
- She wants to be "out-tide" all the time!!! 
-She is more finally getting more intersted in coloring and painting and she played with playdough for the first time the other day.
-She is going to be a BIG sister tomorrow! 

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