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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

39 weeks

Well tomorrow is the big day!!  I can't believe it is already here.  I just got home from the pre-admission testing, so we are ready to go!  My parents are coming tonight so they can stay with Anna Riley in the morning and bring her to the hospital.  They are going to keep her tonight so Riley and I can go out to eat by ourselves.  :)  Please say a prayer for us for a safe delivery and healthy baby...and that I can get some sleep tonight!!

I honestly feel so good for it to be the end!  I mainly just have bad back pain in the evenings and at night.  A hot shower really seems to help. 

Weight Gain:
28lbs.  I didn't keep up with everything as well last time so I am not for sure the exact amount I gained, but it was at least 40..so I did a little better in that department this go around.

Sleep has been pretty good.  Anna Riley hasn't slept too well this week because of her cold but it hasn't been too bad.  Last night, it took me forever to go to sleep...I couldn't stop thinking about everything! So I don't imagine I will sleep well tonight either and I have to get up at 4am.

It has slowed down but I often can feel her bottom and she presses her feet out a lot...to the point where I could probably almost count toes!  She has had the hiccups a few times also.

The top picture is 39 weeks with Anna Riley and the bottom is today.  I feel like my stomach is probably just as big but I didn't gain as much in my face this time.


The LeCroys said...

Crystal, you look great! Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow! I will say a prayer for you!

The Sweet Life said...

So exciting....I hope everything goes smoothly for you, Ava Kate, and Anna Riley. I am so excited to see pics tomorrow.

Candace said...

Praying for you guys!! Can't wait to see her beautiful face!