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Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy weekend (with lots of pictures!)

We had a busy weekend but to me October is always a busy month!  Mom had stayed with us all week and she left on Friday afternoon.  She ask if Anna Riley could go home with them for the weekend.  I thought it would give Riley some time to spend with Ava Kate and since they were going to have to come back and watch Anna Riley Saturday night, it worked out perfect. 
I had dressed the girls alike on Friday and they looked so cute. 

You can't really tell, but that is a pumpkin hat on Ava Kate (it kind of looks like the orange hunting hats in the picture..haha)

Finally a picture of my two girls without any tears!!

Saturday, Riley got some snuggle time in with Ava Kate while I met my friend, Frances Ann for lunch and some shopping! 

Saturday night, we went to a tailgaiting baby shower for my Sister-in-law, Amanda.  We pretty much brought gifts, ate, watched the game and socialized...that's my type of shower!! :)

She is due in December and we can't wait to meet James Duncan!!
I am so happy we will have babies close in age!

Back in Berry, Anna Riley was having the best time at Granna and PawPaw's house.
She LOVES going to the country and staying with them!!  Mom had sent me several text pictures while she was there.  She loves their dog, Lucky!!
The whole time she is there, she wants to be outside the entire time riding the 4wheeler or golfcart or playing with the dogs.  My Dad said everytime they would go in for a litte bit, she would bring him his hat and boots so they would go out again!

Mom put her hair in a ponytail for the first time...shes getting so big!

Anna Riley and Hailey pretending to drive the golf cart.

Anna Riley went to church with Mom and Dad on Sunday morning.  Mom teaches her age's Sunday School class.

When Mom and Dad brough Anna Riley back home, she had a friend to play with.  Kimberly, Cory, Carson and Collin had stopped by for a visit on their way home.

We got some quick hugs and kisses and it was off to our niece, Ainslee's, birthday party.

Anna Riley had a blast at the party.  I was afraid she would be whiny because it was during her nap time.  We left a little early and she fell asleep as soon as we got home! 
Papa Doug and Anna Riley at the birthday party

Ainslee at her Hello Kitty party...can't believe she is 3!

Ava Kate had fun too...she ate and slept and was held the whole time! :)

Riley and his brother, Brian and sister, Amanda at the birthday party
And one last picture of Miss Ava Kate...because I don't already have a ton of pictures on this post! :)

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