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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our week at home

   We had a pretty good first week at home.  My Mom stayed with us this week to help out.  It was so nice to  have her here to help around the house and with Anna Riley while we got settled and used to our new schedule. 
Ava Kate is a great baby!  For  few nights, she had a fussy period and she just wanted to be held and rocked during this time.  She is sleeping pretty good at night also.  Right now she wakes up around every 4 hours to eat...which might change when she isn't sleeping so much.  The past few nights I get up at 1ish and again around 5.  I feel like with Anna Riley, I always worried that I needed to wake her to feed her, but I have did better this time and Ava Kate definitely lets me know when she is hungry!

I feel like I have felt so much better this time.  With Mom here, I would run a few errands when both girls went to sleep.  It helps to get out and have some "me" time!  One day, I just went to Target and walked around for an hour with my starbucks!  The first few days, I did take a nap when AR did and that was nice too! :)
Riley has had to spend a lot of time entertaining Anna Riley.  I am not supposed to pick her up for another week, which has not been quite as bad as I thought it would be but I feel like Riley hasn't gotten as much one on one time with Ava Kate as he would like.  He went back to work on Monday but he took most of Tuesday off because my Mom couldn't be here that day due to her brother passing. 

 Anna Riley has had a harder time adjusting.  We are at the age right now where terrible two's have begun and that does not help at all!  She is also getting her two bottom eye teeth and they were hurting her so bad the other day that she even pointed to her teeth to tell me it hurts.  SO...mix all that with the changes we have at the house and it makes for a very unhappy toddler!!  She has had a lot more tantrums and meltdowns lately. 

For the first part of the week, she didn't even pay attention to Ava Kate which surprised me because she LOVES babies and anytime she is around one, she won't leave it alone. She is warming up to her a little more now.  She will give her a kiss here and there and if she is in the swing, she will go and push her.  She does not like when she cries at all!!  It sometimes makes her upset too.  The other day, Ava Kate got fussy while in the swing and Anna Riley ran over there and said "I get her, I get her!" 

Because we know there is so much change for Anna Riley, we have really tried to keep her routine the same as much as possible.  Riley and I have always given her a bath and put her to sleep together and so we have tried to keep doing that.  Hopefully, things will get better and better each week! 
This week will be a little more challenging since I will have the girls by myself and since I still am not supposed to pick Anna Riley up! 

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