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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ava Kate's first time at church

Sunday, December the 11th was Ava Kate's first time to church.  We had actually planned to go a few weeks sooner but since both of the girls had colds, we waited.  We go to the 9:00 service so it was a lot more challenging to get us up, fed, ready and out the door on time but we did it and actually made it on time!  Anna Riley was not happy about us leaving her but she was having so much fun when we went to pick her up, I think she wanted to stay a little longer!  We kept Ava Kate in the sanctuary with us and she did good too.  She was supposed to eat during the time we were at church so I had a bottle ready just in case but she slept most of the time and ate when we got home. 
It is not always the "easy" thing to do to get us to there, but I am so glad that my girls will be raised in church and grow up knowing about Jesus! 

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