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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Annual Christmas party

   I have had a Christmas party every year (with the exception of last year since we weren't living in our house at the time) since I was in college.  I will say the parties have changed quite a bit since my college days with kids running around but its still so fun to get friends together during this time of year.  We decided to just have a few couples and their kids over this year...which is still a house full because of our growing families! :)  I do wish all of my friends lived close enough to come each year!! 
    We had tons of food!  My family always "over do it" in the food department so I guess I get it from them.  We also had a surprise visit from SANTA!!  The kids HATED him! Ava Kate and Lily grace were the only kids that sat in his lap without crying and AK doesn't count.  Lily Grace was so sweet and told him exactly what she wanted.  Some kids had nothing to do with him and wouldn't even come near him and the others just screamed for their life!!  Anna Riley kept saying "No, mommy! No, Mommy!"  He was great with the kids though and he went in the playroom and sang Christmas Carols with them and they all warmed up to him a little but we didn't try pictures again.  I figured we had traumatized them enough for one night!

All the kids actually sat down together to eat at the table.

I think Audrey made about 3 trips to get more food...
or maybe just cupcakes?!

Sweet little Talon!

Ava Kate with Miss Mandy

Lily Grace with Santa

Poor Chloe did not like Santa!
I do love this picture though!!

Talon also hated Santa...

Audrey looks like she was being
forced to sit!  haha

And once again, Santa is having to force another
child to sit in his lap!  haha...poor Emma!
Caroline was okay wth Santa as long
 as she could have her flashlight!
Anna Riley would not sit in his lap so we just stood by him!
She did reach over and touch his hat but we didnt get a picture of it!

Peyton and I felt bad that no one wanted their picture
with him so we got ours with him! :)

Courtney and her precious boys, Tucker and Talon,
singing Christmas Carols with Santa

Santa singing Christmas Carols with the kids

Lily Grace with Ava Kate...
she is so sweet with babies!

Talon checking out his future girlfriend!! :)

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