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Saturday, January 7, 2012

23 months

I can't believe this little girl is about to turn 2 in just a month!  Oh where has the past two years gone??  She is growing so very fast and amazes us everyday with the new things she is learning! She keeps us on our toes and laughing all the time!!

-At 23 months, she weighs 28 lbs. and I am not sure how tall she is.  We will find out next month.
-She wears a size 4 diaper, 2T clothes, 6 shoe.
-She takes 1 nap a day and goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 at night...wakes up at... well some weeks its 8:30 or 9 and some weeks its 6!  She goes through phases of early waking and sleeping in...hopefully we can get back to our consistency here! 

-Her favorite foods at the moment are:  yogurt, apples, oranges, crackers, cheese, Popsicles,  chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, eggs with ketchup (she gets it from me and her PawPaw), pancakes, corn on the cob and of course COOKIES! (or "kahkis" as she calls them)
-She is pretty good at using her utensils now.  She uses them most of the time and gets the majority of the food actually in her mouth. 
-She FINALLY will drink out of a regualar sippy cup.  She has always drank out of straws and never could drink out of the regular kind until recently. (I know very backwards from most kids!)  She can drink from just an open cup fairly well until she decides to pour it on herself...so lid goes back on! 

-She talks non-stop these days.  I can understand more and more of what she is saying which really helps our communication because she can tell me what she wants most of the time!  It's funny though because there are a few certain things such as popsicles and yogurt that she has just made up words for...I mean it sounds nothing like that word she is trying to say.  I know what she is talking about but most people would not even know where to start! I always correct her but she must like her word better! Who knows?!

-She is talking in mostly phrases and sentences now.  One thing she says all the time now is "No, I don't think so Mommy" and if I ask her a question she will say "oh-tay, Mommy!" The other day she was taking a bath with her Ava Kate and was about to dump water on her and I told her no and she said "I not mean, Mommy" (I have never told her she was mean so not sure where she got that) and I said well good you should be sweet and she said "I tweet, Mommy" 
-Anytime she hears something out of the ordinary or an airplane especially she always says:  "Whats that?  You hear it?"  And she puts her hand to her ear..."Its a airpwane" or whatever it is. 
-She is still working on her colors.  She still recognizes blue, yellow and red always but the others she gets confused on. 
-She still loves to count and counts everything.  If we give her M&Ms or Reece pieces, she wants to take them to the coffee table and count them first.

-She still loves animals and recognizes most of them and their sounds. 

-When she sees any pictures with babies its always her "sissy" and if she sees a picture with her in it she says "thats you!" Haha...She's just a little confused. I guess because we say that to her.

-She is saying more people's names now.  And she is stubborn and still won't say certain names!  It is no lie that this girl loves her PawPaw and she says his name all the time and she loves Granna too but she is so stubborn and will not say Granna very much.  I think because Mom has worked with her since she started cooing on saying her name and she knows she wants her to say it so bad.  Its not that she can't...she wont!  I mean how stubborn is that??!!  When you ask her to say Granna, she says "hmmm...PawPaw! haha"  She did say it the other night when she was looking at her picture but she won't say it to her.  She has even called her by her real name which I won't allow!! 

-She is all about her babies.  She is constantly strolling one of them or putting them in the swing or bouncy.  She helps take care of her "sissy" too!  When she wakes up in the morning she usually ask for "sissy!"  She likes to give her the pacy and get us the burp cloth. 

-She loves to play with her makeup that Granna and PawPaw gave her at Christmas.  She is really starting to get into the girly dressing up stage now.
 -She still hates to have her picture made and actually will run when she sees a camera!! UUGH...did I ruin my child with so many pictures when she was little??

-She has her fair share of meltdowns and tantrums!  Wow...if 3s are worse than 2s then I might go crazy!  haha.  She has some weeks where she does great and others where she spends a lot of time in timeout and throwing fits.  This too shall pass...I have to keep reminding myself of that.
-She loves to play outside and on her new swing set.  The past couple of months she has been scared to slide down the slide again.  I think a slide she went down went really fast and it scared her.  So, now when she slides down she sings "I did it, I did it" (from Dora).

-Her favorite shows now are Mickey Mouse, Dora, Little Einsteins,  Super Why and she loves Elmo ("mo-mo") but doesn't really care for Sesame Street.  I downloaded PBS video app on the ipad and my phone and its such a great app and its free!  It has all the pbs videos on there so she has discovered new shows she likes such as Super Why. 

-When she wants to watch Dora she says " I want Backpack, I want Boots"...I thought Dora was the main character?! haha 
She also calls Pluto on Mickey Mouse "PooPoo"!  haha

-She starts preschool on Monday! I am not sure how she will do.  I know it will be a big adjustment for  both of us but I know it will be great for her! Where did my little baby go????

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