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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ava Kate--3 months

Ava Kate turned 3 months old on January 6th.  She is changing so much everyday and becoming much more interactive now!
(This post has lots of pictures but she has the cutest expressions...I can't pick just a few!)

At 3 months old, Ava Kate is wearing size 2 diaper and wearing 3-6 and even some 6 month clothes.
I am not sure how much she weighs, but I am positive she has gained what she needs to...we call her our little "Chunky Monkey!"  I just love it!!

She is really starting to get on more of a schedule. 
 She eats 6 oz. every 4 hours.  and her last feeding is usually around 8pm.  She has slept through the night several times and sometimes she still wakes up once. 

She takes roughly 3 naps a day if she can get a good nap in...sometimes her big sister wakes her or she just gets woken up somehow and doesn't get to finish resulting in a few cat naps.  But on our good days, she takes a morning, afternoon (when AR sleeps) and a short evening nap (usually when we are eating dinner).

She rolled over for the first time on January 5th from tummy to back and has did it several times since. 
She is getting so strong and can hold her head up really well now.

She loves playing with her toys and on her floor mat and recently in the exersauser.  She is not as interested in the swing anymore.

I brought out one of Anna Riley's "Baby Einstein" videos for her to watch while I got ready and she loved it.  She kicked and cooed the whole time. 

She still has brown hair and her eyes are a green/hazel color (more like mine).  She has her Daddy's skin tone and the cutest, chunkiest cheeks!  I get mixed emotions on whether she looks like Anna Riley now or not...I think they have similarities but she is looking less like her and more like well...herself! :) 
She "talks" all the time. She makes the sweetest cooing sounds.

She gets so excited when you are talking to her.  She smiles so big and has even started laughing some. 

It seems that she maybe has outgrown the colic she had.  She is so much better and only has those fussy gas pains occasionally now.  She seems to be a much happier baby now, too! 

She loves watching her big sister!  Anna Riley loves her so much! If Ava Kate isn't in the room, she has to know where she is.  I can't wait until the two can really play together...they will have so much fun together!!

She makes to funniest facial expressions!  Her eyes get SO big sometimes!  She really looks like her Daddy's baby pictures especially when she makes her "big" eyes!

Just to compare: Ava Kate on the left and Anna Riley on the right.


Rebecca said...

Such a precious baby! I think the only thing AR and AK have in common is the shape of their eyes...those cheeks are to die for!

kimberly t. bowling said...

I love her LIPS...so cute! And that sweet smile in the first pic is adorable!