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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doctor visit and lunch with Uncle Wes

    I took both girls back to Dr. Roberts today for Anna Riley's re-check on her ear and for her check Ava Kate since she has a horrible cough and just not feeling well.  Anna Riley was so excited to be at the doctor!  Have you ever known a child to love going to the doctor?!  Well, my child does!!  I don't know if it is because she adores Dr. Roberts or if she is just amazed by what she does but she LOVES being at the doctor's office!  She cracks me up because the minute Dr. Roberts walks in the room she starts wanting her to listen to her heart and then she started screaming "ears" because she wanted her to look in her ears! And the whole time you can just see the look of excitement.  She went on to listen to Ava Kate and Anna Riley got so upset because she wanted her to keep listening to her!  Crazy, I know! Most kids hate the doctor looking at them! We decided that she might be a doctor in the making!! haha.
    Anyways...turns out Anna Riley's ears are better BUT now Ava Kate has an ear infection! Great!  But the good news is her cold is just cold and hopefully it will be gone soon.  We got antibodies for the ear infection.  She seems to be feeling somewhat better. But, she has so much drainage that she is getting choked a lot.  Her appetite is not that great either.  I am hoping she gets better soon.  I hate to see my girls sick! 

   We came home from the doctor and let AK take a short nap and then we met Uncle Wesley for lunch at El Kmart (not sure what the real name is but thats what we always call it...Mexican restaurant by Kmart!)

I forgot to mention in the last post that we
 started sweet potatoes and water in
 sippy cup last week...big fans of both :)

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