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Monday, February 27, 2012


I have been slacking with the blog posts lately but we have had a house full of sickness this month.  I said I was going to name February the month of sickness because that is what it has been this year.  Since the beginning of the month to the end, someone in our family has been sick the entire month!  So here is a little run down of a few things that has been going on.

Since I mentioned being sick, I will expand on that.  Anna Riley had a bad cold around her birthday and when we went for her 2 year she had an ear infection.  Then Ava Kate got the cold AR had and so did I.  We got over it.  Now Riley has pretty much the crud and feels horrible (so bad that he took a long lunch and took a nap which if you know Riley this is out of the norm for him because he never naps!) and AK has a really bad cold and cough.  I am taking both kids back to the Dr. tomorrow...AR for a recheck on her ears and AK for her bad cough.  SO...with that being said.  I am one tired mama.   When Ava Kate has a bad cold and can't breathe, she is just so pitiful.  I slept on the sofa bed in the playroom with her two nights and neither of us got much sleep at all.  She is sleeping better now but she still doesn't feel well.  :(

The Lenten Season is here and I thought really hard this year about what I would give up.  I decided on Reality Tv.  I watch a lot of reality tv...pretty much all I watch is reality tv!  What made this even harder is one of my favorite shows, Bethenny Ever After, had just started the new season.  Riley was very excited about my choice to give this up and he is just hoping that I decide I don't want to watch them anymore after Easter either! He hates reality tv!!  Rather than watching these shows, I am reading the book that our church and Sunday school is doing as a book study during Lent...40 days of Fruitful Living.

We had plans to go to Bessemer to eat at the Bright Star for Mimi's birthday on Saturday for lunch.  But since Ava Kate wasn't feeling well and she and I had not gotten any sleep, we stayed home and Riley and Anna Riley went to eat with everyone.  Riley said Anna Riley was wonderful at the restaurant and everyone kept saying she was so well behaved for a 2 year old!?  haha really?!?! my child?  She is a great child, but let's face it she is 2 years old and that just doesn't happen often!  Maybe her Daddy needs to take her more often!  When they were finished, Riley met my Mom so she could go to Berry to spend the night with them.  She was beyond excited to go to "Paw Paw and Kat's".  She got to ride her new Barbie Jeep finally! 
Riley and I didn't go to church on Sunday since Ava Kate still didn't feel well and we didn't want her in the nursery but we did want to get out of the house so we went to the jazz brunch at FIVE and it was so good!!  Riley had the Wings and Waffles and I had the Cheeseburger and egg!  Ava Kate was wonderful while we ate, I think she enjoyed being out of the house and listening to the jazz music.  Mom and Dad brought Anna Riley back that afternoon and Pop Pop came by for a visit.  Needless to say, we had a very tired little girl who slept very well last night!

Ava Kate has been "practicing" sitting for a couple of weeks now.  She is getting stronger everyday.  She wants to sit up so badly and I am ready for her to!  I love when they can sit and play, it makes things easier!  She can actually sit by herself for a little while before loosing her balance.

I am in the process of getting our blog from last year printed.  Can't believe it is already time to print another one!!

Riley and I are going to the beach KID FREE the weekend of March 10.  We are going with our friends Courtney and Cameron to celebrate Courtney's 30th birthday.  I am so excited!!  We will be going to the Eric Church concert at the Wharf on Saturday.  Mom is coming to stay with the girls that weekend and Dad will be here for most of it too so I know they will be in great hands!  My parents do so great with the girls and they love spending time with them.  I will miss them but its great to get away and rejuvenate...I think it makes you a better parent!! 

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