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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend in Fairhope

Weekend before last, we went to Fairhope and the Tidmore's came with us.  We went for the Mardi Gras parades that weekend.  On Friday, after we went to eat breakfast, the kids played outside.  Unfortunately, the rain came that night and so we didn't go to the parade. We did get out and go to eat though.  Saturday, we took the kids to Kangarooz, a jumpy place in Spanish Fort.  Anna Riley really enjoyed it this time and was getting in and out of all of them...no fear this time! We cooked a shrimp boil at the house that night and then headed to the parade.  We have had such a mild winter, but this night it was so cold!  I had Ava Kate bundled up and in the stroller with both canopies over her but she wanted me to hold her. So,  I watched the parade while holding AK while she slept with a blanket over her! I had a major arm workout!!  Anna Riley had so much fun catching the beads and stuffed animals at the parade that I don't think she even thought about being cold! 
 My camera died on Friday and I forgot my charger!  I will post more pictures when I get them from Courtney. 

Playing on the jumpy at the house

Talon, Tucker and AR

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