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Monday, March 5, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Just FYI...this random post will probably be a little length with quite a few pictures from my phone and camera from the weekend. 

Friday, my college friend Gabe, was in town for a wedding his wife was in.  He had some time to kill while Amy Beth was at the luncheon so he wanted to come meet the girls and visit.  I didn't get any pictures though.  Anna Riley had so much fun with him and wouldn't leave him alone!  They played the whole time he was here!   The minute he left, she passed out! 
 Riley and I also got to meet up with Gabe and Amy Beth after the wedding on Saturday.  It was so good to catch up with them!  The last time I had seen them, I was pregnant with AR, now I have two kids! :)
I think everyone should have one good babysitter, other than grandparents, that they love and trust.  Of course, the grandparents always get first dibs on keeping the kids, but I don't want them to feel as they are just the "babysitters."  In other words, I don't want to ever use them for that! But, our parents love keeping them so I know they never feel that way but there are times that they can't and we do need someone to watch the girls.  We love Katie and she does such a great job with our girls!!! Anna Riley loves her too and talks about her all the time.  She usually sends me a text or picture to let me know how things are going.  This was from Saturday night. 

Riley has been working a lot the past month or two.  This is his busy season I guess you could say.  They have applications that are due next week so it is tons of paper work.  Therefore, he has been having to work a lot more on the weekends.  We will be glad to have him back next week and I know he will be glad to be back!  He worked most of the day Saturday just coming home for lunch so I could go meet 3 other girls for lunch to start planning our 10 year reunion.  He also had to go in Sunday after church for a while.  We went to PopPops for our regular Sunday night pizza night. 

Playing after naps on Friday before the storm...
beautiful weather though!

My nephew, Duncan

Watching the Basketball game with Daddy

This little girl is just growing so fast!  I mean look at the pictures!!  She woke up from her nap and I just threw something on her since I knew she wasn't going to keep in on long before having to take a bath and change to go to his Dad's house.  The jacket is 24 month and apparently that size in winter clothes doesn't fit anymore! And as you can see in the second picture, I noticed the other day, her 2T jeans and pants are starting to look short!  Thank goodness most of what she wears has a huge ruffle on it and spring is around the corner because I can not deal with short pants! I know Riley is tall but seriously, I am not used to this...I have never had to deal with pants being too short...its always the other way around for me!!


I just love that these two are starting to really interact with each other.  Ava Kate has always watched every move her big sis made but she thinks she is so funny now.  And Anna Riley really shows her more attention too.  She likes to run in her room first thing and talk to her.  She also likes to give her high five and she thinks that AK is giving her one because she is constantly slapping her hands down! :)  When she was sick and AK would cough, she would come up to her and say "aww you ok, A.Kate, you ok, sissy??"  I can't wait for them to really be able to play together! I already know I will use the word share more than I want to imagine though! :)


Joy said...

Katie becomes the baby sitter. Courtney was Katie's while she was in college!

Lauren said...

They are so cute! Ava Kate looks older in those last two pictures... she has changed since Talon's birthday party!

We have had the same problem with clothes... all of a sudden it's like Addy doesn't have anything to wear with the weather changing and I think she just had a growth spurt!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Sweet Sisters! Anna Riley checking on Ava Kate when she would cough is such a sweet moment...precious memories.