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Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Getaway

      We had a "kid-free" weekend getaway with the Tidmore's to kickoff Courtney's 30th birthday celebration!  We had so much fun!  We stayed at Courtney's Aunt's adorable house in Perdido Key.  We went to dinner at Cobalt and the Flora Bama on Friday night...I could people watch there all night!   On Saturday, we went to lunch and laid out for a while and relaxed and then it was time to get ready for the Eric Church concert at the Wharf.  I had never been to a concert at the Wharf and I have to say I am so proud of our amphitheatre! Ours is so much nicer and more organized and you can only smoke in designated areas!! 
       The whole trip, I thought about how blessed we were to have such great friends in our lives!  Riley and Cameron have been best friends since they were in diapers and then college roomates  and now that they both have wives and kids, we are all even closer!  It is so wonderful to have life-long friends like that!! 

Courtney and I at Gulf Shores Steamer

Getting ready for Eric Church at
the Wharf

     Mom came Friday to keep the girls for us.  Dad came to stay Saturday after he got off work.  Anna Riley was so excited for Kat to be there and PawPaw to be coming that she didn't cry at all when we left.  I called to check-in several times.  I knew Anna Riley would be okay because she stays the weekend with Mom and Dad all the time but I knew AKs schedule was a little more "neccessary"  so I did check on that a few times to see how she was doing.  Also, I realized as I was getting ready to go that she has gotten attached to me recently and I didn't even notice.  When Mom got her from me, she started whimpering...I could have cried!  But, by the time I left, she was fine! 
      When PawPaw came Saturday, Anna Riley was on Cloud 9!  When I came home, Mom said they were napping together. (One of Dad's favorite's...we have pictures of He and I napping when I was little! haha).  She cared nothing about seeing me...she was just upset that PawPaw had to leave her! It was a whole 30min or longer process for him to leave.  She even hopped in the passenger side of the car and told him to shut the door and leave!  haha!  There was no..."Hi, Mommy! I sure did miss you this weeeknd!!" I think she was like "why are you back so soon?!"  :)   I am thankful that they have a close relationship!  I love that she is close to all of her grandparents and that she makes special memories with each of them! 

Napping with PawPaw
(PawPaw said I could not put the
picture of him sleeping on the blog...
I will let you figure out why! haha! :)

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Joy said...

From a MeMe to a PawPaw....I know why he doesn't want a picture of him sleeping....that is a no no!!!