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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday Morning

    As many of you know, our house got robbed on Tuesday morning.  I had taken the girls to the doctor for a re-check on AKs ear infection and it was just one of "those" mornings.  Our appointment was at 9:15 and it was all we could do to get out the door in one piece.  If you have a toddler, and especially two kids, you know what I am talking about!  Well, we left about 9:05, heading to the doctor.  I got very frustrated at the doctor's office because we were seeing another doctor and it was taking a lot longer than normal and my patience was kind of running thin.  Anna Riley was bouncing off the walls and Ava Kate was sleepy.  We finally got out of the doctor and headed home around 10:15.  I was on the phone my friend, Mandy, because we were supposed to meet at the park a little later but it was drizzling so we were trying to come up with plan B.  I pulled onto my road and notice that the door was opened.  I thought at first I might have just not pulled it to all the way since we were in such a rush that morning.  As I got a little closer, I saw that the carport door had been kicked completely off its hinges.  I didn't want to get any closer, so I got off the phone with Mandy and called Riley and then 911.  Luckily my neighbor pulled up, so I sat in his driveway until the police came. 
    When the police came, they did a walk through to make sure no one was still in and then we came inside to see what was missing.  They took most of our electronics.  We have a big tv mounted in the den that I guess they couldn't get unhooked in time so it was spared but the big tv in the playroom and the one in our bedroom was taken along with my camera and lens, video camera (with videos of AR when she was little), the Ipad, laptop (with all our pictures), a small pocket camera, one of the car dvd players and two rings that were Riley's mother's.  They had gotten out our printer to take and my tray of jewelry but the cops think they either got tipped that I was on my way home or got scared but they dropped them in an odd place.  They also just went through especially our bedroom and just threw clothes out of drawers and gotten our huge mattresses out and flipped up on the walls and knocked pictures down looking for cash I am assuming.  We also have a big painting of our wedding picture in the hall and it was thrown down (possibly looking for a safe?!) but luckily not hurt.  I also have "memory boxes" in our closet that I keep special cards and one has things about Mrs. Cindy in it and they had knocked them in the floor.  
        We are thinking it happened somewhere around 9:45 or so.  My next door neighbor left for work at 9:30 and no one was here at that time.  So they had came in and did all that in between 9:45-10:15 or before.  I say "they" because I am assuming to get all they did in that time, it had to be at least two or three.  The cops also said it was a huge possibility that they had watched me that morning and maybe had someone follow me to the doctor or watch for my car to come back. I do not always go somewhere on Tuesday mornings so this would not be a morning they chose because they knew I wouldn't be there and I didn't write anything on Facebook about being away from home.
     I am very thankful that we just lost some "things" and no one was hurt and we weren't here! I have had a little harder time sleeping, but it is getting better each night.  I think the biggest thing was just thinking that the girls and I might have been watched that morning.  It is just a creepy feeling and not only that but anyone that has had their house broken into knows the violation feeling you get.  Just the thought of them being in our home and seeing all of our pictures hanging of our family.  I think God was watching out for us by keeping us at that appointment a little longer than normal.  I honestly don't think these people were out to deal with people, they just wanted our stuff but they sure were bold to do it at 9 in the morning!  Our neighborhood is so busy during the day and by that I mean either everyone is a stay at home mom, a part-time job or retired or they have a job where they come and go often.  Not many people in my neighborhood have "9-5" jobs so it was very bold to do that!  And not to mention, I live across the street from a cop! 
        I pray this never happens again, but I we have learned a few lessons!  We now have a great security system!  I honestly didn't know if I could sleep good again until we had one.  I will also back-up all of our files, pictures, videos, etc!  I was good about uploading pictures fairly fast and then I would email them to Riley so he has a good many of them, thank goodness!  Videos are another story...we have videos from the point of when I got an iphone because I emailed those to Riley.  I never could figure out how to upload the videos to the computer so I didnt.  We will also Password protect everything...we have already started with our phones!


Lauren said...

Bless your hearts, Crystal! I can't even imagine!!! I am so sorry that happened to y'all.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh my lands, I am so glad y'all were "detained" at the doctor, but I am so sorry all of this happened. The loss of replaceable things are bad enough, the loss of those images or videos that can't be replaced are devastating, and the idea that your home was compromised is unthinkable. They do seem so BOLD...I just can never wrap my head around these types who steal from others. Glad you have a security system. Praying for peace in this turmoil.