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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter wasn't exactly as I planned but that is life.  Anna Riley and I had been sick with a stomach virus on Thursday and even though I was over the bug, I just couldn't get to feeling better.  I had slept all day Friday and still didn't feel well Saturday.  After dinner at Riley's Dad's house, neither Riley or myself felt that great.  I knew we were both exhausted and I was still somewhat dehydrated but I woke up Sunday morning with a migraine.  I was so upset to not be able to go to church with my family but I knew I needed to rest and get better.  We ended up meeting my Dad with Anna Riley and let go to church with them. I wanted her to go there so that in case I didn't get to feeling better, she wouldn't miss out on going to my grandmothers for lunch and the big egg hunt with all of our cousins.   Riley took Ava Kate to our church.
  Even though I couldn't be in church and worship on Easter, I was still ever more thankful for all the sacrifices that were made so that I could be here today! 

The girls got their Easter goodies...
Anna Riley got an Alabama hat, some flip flops, paint book and sticker book, play jewelry, some inch bug labels for her sippy cup and candy
Ava Kate got some new teething toys and rattle toys, a mermaid doll, inch bug labels for her cups, a paci clip and a new bracelet
And they got a new bubble machine, books and two movies to share
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The Sweet Life said...

Look at those sweet girls. I'm sorry that you didn't feel well.