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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trip to the Zoo!

We decided to take the girls to the Birmingham Zoo on Saturday rather than the ADay game festivities.  It was a great day to be outside and really to be at the zoo because it was not crowded at all.  I will have to say, I was a little disappointed though.  Most of the animals were asleep so we didn't really get to see many animals in action and some of the animals we didn't see period.  I think Birmingham has really did a lot with the zoo since I have been there on a field trips but I really still love the Montgomery Zoo better. But it just isn't practical to take my little kids there right now.  I just like that when you look out at the African animals, it truly looks like an African safari. And you can just see the animals better it seems. 

The monkeys and gorillas are my favorite and the gorilla was asleep in his little cave so we didn't get to see him really at all but we did see some of the little monkeys.  Anna Riley loved the giraffes.  We could see them really well!  The male lion was asleep the whole time but she did see a few of the female lions from a distance.  We got to see one of the elephants up close because the zoo keepers were talking about him and we caught the tale end of it so we got to see him.  We didn't even see the tiger in the cage at all and the rhino was asleep and we never saw the hippo.  She did  do a camel ride with her Daddy and seemed to like it a lot! She also loved the flamingos! Haha! Maybe we will have better luck with the animals at our next visit to the zoo.  

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