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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beach Part 2

We spent the day at the pool.  The girls were on the cranky side so we took early naps and came back down for more pool time later and just cooked at the condo that night so we didn't have to rush to get ready.  We did a shrimp boil and it was really good! 
We found out that AR really likes the beach better this year rather than the pool.  She is currently scared of everything so she was hesitant about the water this year.  She did get in but really wanted to just run around and play.  We didn't keep AK in the pool much on this day because the water was still a little chilly and she had a cold but she did get in later in the week. :)

AK enjoying sitting by the pool with Daddy!
Shd spends 80% of the time eating at the
pool and beach!


Tuesday was a great day!!!  We went to breakfast at the Donut Hole that morning.  We spent the day at the beach and both girls really had a great time!  Ava Kate as able to last a little longer that day so we were able to stay a little longer.  Anna Riley LOVED running up and down the beach with Riley!  She wasn't interested in building sandcastles much.  She did meet some sweet little girls and they dug in the sand and filled buckets.  :) 
We went to eat at Harbor Docks that night and then went to the Track.  Anna Riley was SO excited to ride the gocarts!  She cried when we had to leave.  Ava Kate got to ride the carousel.  She was a trooper and stayed up and hour past her bedtime so her Big Sis could have some fun!
Once again with the Baby doll...
She already loves them so much! :)
Playing with her sweet friend, Ava! :)
Ready to ride the Go Carts!
Look at those precious feet!!
Pure Joy!!
This one is just funny to me...very typical of our pictures!
AK is pulling ARs hair and no one but me is looking or smiling!
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The Sweet Life said...

Your girls are always dressed so cute...I love those matching bathing suits.