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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ava Kate- 8 months

 Ava Kate turned 8 months on the 6th.  We are enjoying every moment but it is flying by!!  This little girl brightens our day and we couldn't imagaine life without her!
Here is what little Miss AK is up to...
 - She wears mostly 9 month clothes but since it is summer, she can fit in some
of the 6 months clothes still. 
-We just moved up to size 4 diaper.

-She has 4- 7 or 8oz. bottles a day.  7:30, 11:30, 3:30 and before bed around 7.

-She has mastered the sippy cup!  She turns it up with no problem.  I have caught her with AR's a few times also.  She can also hold her own bottle now.

-She has tried lots of different foods.  She has had sweet potatoes, oatmeal, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots,squash, peas, mashed potatoes, bananas, peaches, apples, applesauce, grits, puffs, yogurt, yogurt melts and ice cream :)  I think the last was her favorite!

-She is getting a little better with the spitting up and some days are definitely better than others but we ALWAYS have to have a bib or burb cloth ready!!

-She is a great sleeper.  She goes to sleep anywhere from 6:30-7:30 (usually 7 on the dot) and gets up between 7 and 7:30. 
-She doesn't like to be rocked and would rather you lay her down in bed with her bunnies and blanket.  She snuggles up and goes to sleep without a fight most every night (for now anyways...it will change I'm sure)
- She takes two naps a day.  I usually adjust her morning nap if we are doing something that day, but usually she goes down between 8:30 and 9:30 and sleeps around and hour to hour and half.  She takes a long nap in the afternoon when AR sleeps.  They both go down around 1 and Ava Kate usually gets up around 4. 

-She loves her paci and likes taking it out and putting it back in.
She gets in this postion a lot

-She is really trying so hard to crawl.  She gets really frustrated because she can't go just yet.
-She is scooting to get from here to there.
-She is going from sitting to her tummy and back pretty well.  She gets her legs stuck sometimes.
-She has also started pulling her knees up under her more and rocking back and forth so I think it will be very soon.
-When she is on the changing table, she is constantly trying to roll over or reach and grab anything in sight!

-She has the cutest, chunkiest legs!
-She still has big brown eyes and brown hair and as of now it seems to be straight.  ARs started curling by now.
-She has beautiful olive color skin tone that she obviously didn't get from me! :)
-She has the cutest smile and laugh!  It doesn't take much to make her smile!
-She opens her mouth all the time like she is surprised.

-She is "talking" and making sounds but no definite words yet. 
-Our reading time is not so easy right now because she eats the book!
-She loves playing with babydolls and some of her Big Sister's toys which makes for lots of fights already! :)
 -She is teething but does not have any teeth yet.  She constantly has something in her mouth!
-She loves giving kisses!
-She pinches and grabs and has even brought blood to Pop Pop's face!
She also loves playing and pulling on her Daddy's hair!!

She loves playing with Anna Riley!!  She wants to touch her all the time which AR does NOT like.  She will say "no touch sissy!"
-They are sweet together though and are starting to play more.  We all had a little tea party together the other day and she was giving AK pretend food to eat.  I see this happening a lot in the future!
-When we grocery shop, Ava Kate has started riding in the double "car carts" at Publix with Anna Riley.  It is so funny to watch her "drive" the car.  She will constantly reach and grab AR's steering wheel and AR will say "No sissy, drive yours!!"   Oh the fighting has already begun! :) 

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