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Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Road again....

I feel like that is our theme song the past few weeks!
  We have been on the go!  But I can't complain since all the trips have been fun trips! :)  I posted about us going to Destin for Riley's conference a couple of weeks ago.  We left Saturday and came back the following Saturday.  Then, Riley and I headed back down to Destin that Friday.  Some people that they do work with had invited us for the weekend.  It is sometimes hard to leave the girls, but it is also really nice to have some time with my husband!  We had a great weekend together and I knew my girls were in great hands!  Miss Katie kept them on Friday until Mom got there and then Mom and Dad kept them the rest of the weekend!  I got lots of picture text and a couple of videos that made our weekend!  I think we looked at them a million times!  I love technology! ;) 
Riley and I went to eat with everyone on Friday night and had such a great time.  I got to meet several people that I hear him talk about with work and it was great to finally meet them.  Riley went fishing on Saturday morning and caught us some really great fish that we are actually cooking tonight!! YUM..cant wait!  While he fished, I went to eat breakfast with the Logans and then we all laid out by the pool when Riley got back.  It was nice not having to look at the time and the day went by sooo slow!  We had a FABULOUS dinner in Grayton beach at Boragos with the Logans.  Kristin said it was her favorite and now I can see why...I am still thinking about that food! :) 
We headed out after breakfast on Sunday because I was more than ready to see my sweet girls! Thanks to Miss Katie and Granna Kat and PawPaw for keeping the girls for us!
Miss Katie sent me this pic on Friday
Having fun with Miss Katie
One of the only pictures I took...
We stayed in Baytowne and this was
the Sunset
AK and PawPaw
My girls love their grandparents! :)
AR playing with Addie Gail
Here was the other!  Haha...Sunset and food! :)
I ate at Another Broken Egg both mornings.  I am SO
excited that Tuscaloosa is getting one soon!

Riley and I got back on Sunday and I unpacked and re-packed because I left on Monday morning headed down to Fairhope.  I took my grandmother and my Aunt Kat and her granddaughter, Hailey to Fairhope.  I really wanted to spend some quality time with my grandmother and what better place than Fairhope.  Granny really enjoyed being there with the girls and the girls (especially AK) really enjoyed having Granny Boo around!  I think Granny could have just held AK the whole time and been perfectly content.  We had a really laid back trip and it was SO nice!  We went out to eat on our way in and then the rest of the time we just picked up food and ate at the house so the kids could play and we didn't have to worry about getting them out.  As much as I love going out to eat, it is so nice to do that sometimes, especially with kids!   The kids really enjoyed playing in the bay and jumping the waves! :)   We also got to go visit one of my Papa's cousins that lives in Daphne on Tuesday.  Granny was really excited to see her. 
It was fun to see Anna Riley playing with Aunt Kat.  When I was a little girl, we would always go to the beach with her family.  I have such fond memories growing up going to the beach with my cousins and my Aunt Kat playing with us so when she was doing the same with Anna Riley it really brought back great memories! :)  We had such a great time...I am so glad we were able to do it!!
Playing on the deck!  The girls had the best time running
back and forth!
Playing outside in Pjs...waiting on the sunset!
She just got down and started doing  trying to do pushups!
She has been really interested in exercise lately...
she must get it from her Daddy!! HA
The swing got used a lot! ;)

Granny Boo and AK
Sweet girls
I love my Granny!
One of the sweetest ladies out there!
Eating grass

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