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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fairhope...Part 1

So, I mentioned in my last post that we have been on the go this summer and it hasn't stopped.  I must say sweet little Ava Kate is such a trooper and is keeping up with us pretty good if I must say...I think we will keep her! ;) I know next year...she will be right there in the midst of all the fun! 
 Traveling is still not her favorite but she is doing better and better each trip we take.  I guess at our house, you better learn to like it!
We went to Fairhope two weekends in a row which was a little tough on us all but we had fun once we got there!  My house is really needing us to stay home for a while and show it some attention though!!
These pictures are from the last weekend in June.  The Tidmores came down with us and they are always so easy to go places with!     Cameron even grilled us some Red Snapper one night and Courtney made homemade Cinnamon Rolls...yum! 
AR loved the pool this time.  She finally learned to like the puddle jumper float.  Ava Kate liked the pool too but of course she wears out easy with the heat.  We brought her a battery operated fan in hopes that she would take a nap but she rarely will do that... but she was really good and played until we all left for afternoon naps each day.  

Talon has no fear!  He had fallen off
the back steps before they left to come

Playing by the bay after naps...
Yes, AR is in her underwear! 

Look at those legs!

How cute is this picture?!
Looks like AR belongs to Courtney and not me! :)

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