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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fairhope...Part 2

After church (Duncan's baptism) and lunch with the family on Sunday, we left to go back down to Fairhope.  We stayed until Thursday morning.   AR's 3 best friends got to come, along with two of her favorite people...Mrs. Mandy and Mr. Wade!  (she is quite obsessed with them! )  :)  Pop Pop also came down for a couple of nights so that was a special treat!  It can be quite interesting getting 5 girls, 3 and under together and one still being quite small and still trying to do things but they did great.  We even managed to eat out every night but one and breakfast two mornings!  We watched fireworks from the backyard on Wednesday which was a big help since AK really isn't up to staying up until 9pm waiting on something she cares nothing for! So we put her to bed and let the other four girls put on their glow jewlery and stay up to watch.  They had a great time! 
We also spent lots of time at the pool and playing on by the bay.  It was a great trip!  

Sorry for the amount of pictures!
Finally floating on her own and loved it!!  That is all
she wanted to do!

Now this is the life...sitting poolside with a fan!
AK will NOT sleep anywhere but her bed apparently but
she did rest in the stroller for a while.

So typical!  Ava Kate is touching Anna Riley's hair and she
doesn't like it! 

"What's that??"

Miss Audrey won't go many places
without a book...even if it is one
she can't read! :)

Trying to pass the time while the pool
was closed for thunder!

Happy girl!

Movie time!

Daddy's little girl

She loves Mr. Wade!!! She talks about him all the time!

Sparklers!   Thank goodness this didn't scar them too bad
for the real thing the next night!  They weren't big fans of
the sparklers!

Taking turns jumping off...which really gave me a great
arm workout!!  These girls don't stop!!

Tired...but happy!
We go to the ice cream parlor and everyone wants

Fun memories with sweet friends!

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