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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ARs first Bama football game!!

On Saturday, We had 4 tickets to the Bama game so we ask my Dad to go and we decided since it wasn't a big game we would take AR to her first game.  I told her a couple of days before when we went to see Big Al and she was so excited and talked about it everyday...."when is the football game?" "When will I see the elephant again?"  (which she still ask me multiple times about seeing Big Al).  I knew she wouldn't last very long in the game for her age but our tickets were free so we weren't out in money and I wouldn't feel like I needed to entertain her to stay. 

We stayed outside all morning and played with the neighbors for a while so that she would take an early nap and surprisingly she did.  I am usually pretty good at tricking my kids to think it is nap time if I need it to be! Haha! :)  After she got up we headed to campus.  We didn't plan on a lot of tailgaiting because I knew she would get tired.   

Even though we really didn't plan on tailgaiting, we actually saw a few people we knew on our walk and stopped by their tailgate and saw some other friends also getting ready to walk to the stadium so we got to visit with them for a few minutes before game time. 

We got in the stadium in time for all the pregame stuff and AR just stared at the field the whole time! She caught on quick that when everyone cheers...you shake your shaker!  She loved that part!  She was even trying to sing the fight song!  

It was very hot at 4pm but luckily we were sitting under the skyboxes so we had a little bit of a shade. 

We kind of let anything fly that day so she had lots of "good" food and drinks.  A sweet lady gave her a Sunkist and a chocolate peanut cluster at the tailgate and then when she got in the game she wanted Nachos and she drank some of my Sprite.  It wasn't 20 mintues later and she got my Dad to get her some popcorn and was drinking some of his Coke!  And then she topped all of that with some skittles!!  When she was getting ready for bed she said "Mommy, my tummy hurts!  I think I need some Pepto!" haha! Well I guess so!

We ended up staying for all of the 1st and part of the 2nd.  We couldn't quite make it to half time.  She was wearing down so we just left.  All she talked about was Big Al so we stopped by one of the stores on the strip and let her get one a stuffed big Al and she picked up two and said one was for sissy.
When she got home she said that its name was not Big Al because it was a girl!  Its name was Allie! 

This was the picture from CHOM
taken by Shutterbug!
I thought it turned out so cute!
It is a picture of a picture so excuse the

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