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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Elephant Appreciation Day

Thursday was Elephant Appreciation Day at CHOM (Children's Hands On Museum). I had told Anna Riley earlier that day that after her nap, we would go see Big Al the elephant.  Well apparently she was so excited!  She woke up a little early from her nap and said "Mommy...I'm awake...ready to go see that elephant!"  Then went in Ava Kates room and said "Sissy...its time to go see Big Al!!"  Haha!  When she got there, while I was renewing our membership that had expired a month or so ago, she broke in front of anyone in line and went straight to see him!  She LOVED him!  My friend, Amanda and her baby, Tripp met us and we played for a while before heading back home.

Once in his lap...she was very serious...
his ear was in her way so she didn't want
to move!

Baby Tripp!

One last hug before we left

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