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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ava Kate's Pumpkin Birthday Party--The decor

We had Ava Kate's birthday party on her birthday.  It was Bama's off weekend so apparently several people had the same idea and there were several parties/showers that day!  We had the party at 11 which turned out to be a great time.  Ava Kate took a nap and slept right up to party time and was in a great mood...which the child is rarely in a bad mood but she knew it was her special day! :)  Also, the guests that had 10am parties were still able to come. 
When I knew Ava Kate would be born in October...I immediately thought about doing this theme.  Of course, pinterest really helped my ideas come together!  I wanted it to be like a mini fall festival with the old fall festival games. I bought a lot of things after Halloween/Thanksgiving last year when it was on sale and then I got to borrow a lot of things.  A sweet man even gave Riley a trailor load of hay for me to use! :) I also knew I would be using a lot of burlap and actually found it on Ebay.
The invitation was from a pay and print off of Etsy

I made the pumpkin door wreath. I had seen
this on Pinterest...its not as pretty as that one but
it worked!

The table food other than the hotdogs.
The banner was from the same package off of Etsy.
(Those are GREAT by the way)


Cupcakes and smash cake curtesy of

I showed Publix a picture and they did it just as I wanted...
and for only 8.00!  :)

Cheeseball (that was supposed to be shaped like a pumpkin)

S'mores Mix
Scarecrow Treats

Drink Table...Juices, waters and a few sodas in the tub and
I made a Fall punch also.  I used Mason jars for the cups.

Sweet and Salty Treat
My Favorite...the monthly banner

Favors: A jackolantern bag (from
Oriental Trading) with
candy and a few other little Halloween
things and they got to take the little
pumpkin they decorated home.

Bean Bag Toss-- I ordered this from Oriental Trading

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Bob for Apples

I loved this! Pinterest idea :)

The Ball Pit
High chair banner also came from same
Etsy package and I added Burlap.
 We also had a jumpy house but I guess I didn't get a picture of it. 

A BIG thanks to my parents for coming to help me set everything up.  They are always such a great help with the birthday parties!!


Sandahlyn said...

Absolutely precious 1st little girl's birthday party!!! Your girls are so pretty!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness! Such an adorable first birthday celebration. I love ALL of your great ideas!