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Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

October is full of celebration for our family.  Mom and Dad's anniversary is Oct. 2, Mom's birthday is Oct. 4, Ava Kate's is Oct. 6 and mine is Oct. 11.  So, Thursday night we went to eat at Cypress Inn to celebrate.   

We invited Pop Pop to join us. 

We sat on the deck and it was really nice...well when the sun went down anyway.

These two are great keeping the little ones occupied!

The two birthday girls!

This was the night before her birthday!

"Hey! Did you see my shirt?!"

"Tomorrow is my birthday!!"  Party!!!"

We actually sang and blew out candles two mornings. I must have not uploaded the picture from her birthday morning because she had pancakes with pink sprinkles.  The first morning we sang when she had the chocolate chip muffin, she got so excited!  I think it was more for the food than the actual
song and candle but it was funny!  The day before her birthday, she giggled all day long!  It is like she knew something was going on!

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