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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Party

The girls and I went to a little Halloween party last Thursday afternoon. Anna Riley's costume had not came in the mail yet but she was excited to be a cowgirl! She had spotted a pink sparkly cowboy hat at Target while we were in there Thursday morning and since she already had the pink boots it was an outfit!   She is so funny at this stage because she is SO into what she wears!
She was on a mission!
Ava Kate was a little cupcake...and a cute one at that! :) 

At the party, we decorated pumpkins, played games and we got to eat Chick-fil-A and LOTS of good treats!
Anna Riley even got to load up her treat back and told her to keep filling it up because she needed more! Oh my!

John-Ross (the Host of the party) was the
cutest kiss...I didn't get a picture with his
hat on!

We even met some new friends!

Pop Pop swung by since he was out and about...
he didn't want to miss seeing the girls dressed

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