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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Magnolia Corn Maze

This past weekend we were down in Fairhope so we decided to go to a nearby Corn maze and pumpkin patch while there.  This was just not a good year to make the trip to one of the big pumpkin patches so this worked out perfect since it was only 15 minutes from the Fairhope house. The weather actually turned out to be really nice on Saturday...it was Sunny and in the mid 70s while we were there so it was very pleasant and "fall-like."

Anna Riley is really at the age that she is having so much fun at all these type of things now.  She liked them last year but this year she could just go and go.  Ava Kate is still too young to get it...she is just along for the ride! ;)

This place has an 8-acre corn maze and this year it was cut in shape of the state of Alabama complete with interstates and cities!   Since Ava Kate is so small and the corn-maze would take a while to go though we decided not to go through it but I thought that was really neat!

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger...I just had too many pictures to put them all individually.

AR had to ride the horse, of course!

She loves animals and was so excited to feed the camel! I
even fed the camel, which was a big deal for me! But, when
your child is saying "you can do it, Mommy!"...well, you
kind of have to!

The Cow Train!  Oh what a fun, bumpy, dirty ride! 
Ava Kate even got to get in on the fun with this one!
Hayride fun
My sweet Ava Kate in the flower maze

Sweet sisters!
The bottom ones...AR was chasing a butterfly.  I just love how
they enjoy the simple things in life!

Pig Race! AR loved watching this!

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